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Published: 16 February 2023

The Student Orientation and Academic Readiness (SOAR) Week at Northrise University was memorable. Northrise welcomed its highest number of new students to date. With the warmest of welcomes, faculty, and staff introduced themselves and gave an informative orientation tour of the beautiful campus. But the week’s festivities didn’t stop there.

The new students were quick to jump into university life by showing interest in joining a variety of clubs, including the Creative Arts Club, Innovators Arcade, Media Club, Health Club, and Climate Change Club. These students quickly registered and became a part of these vibrant and exciting groups.

The highlight of the week was the First Year Experience Closure Event, a student-centered celebration organized by the Student Life, Student Council, and Media and Communications teams. With a focus on fun and games, the event provided a perfect opportunity for the new students to bond, make memories, and get to know each other. The outdoor games were a hit from a thrilling game of tug-of-war to a blindfolded egg race that tested coordination and balance and a sack race that showcased agility and speed. The indoor games, including pop the balloon and a quiz competition that tested knowledge about Northrise, kept the energy high.

The students’ reactions to their new home at Northrise University were overwhelmingly positive. Mambwe Pride, a BBA student, shared that enrolling was “exciting and felt like a dream come true.” Shebba Chali, another BBA student, expressed her nervousness but praised Northrise for having a “positive learning environment.” Khondwani Nkhoma, a computer science student, expressed appreciation for Northrise’s “good corporate image” and being a “Christ-centered school,” which he believed would shape his spiritual life.

Northrise University’s SOAR-Week was truly a success, providing new students with a smooth and memorable transition into university life. The students had the opportunity to meet new people, get involved in clubs and activities, and familiarize themselves with the university’s resources and services. With its supportive community, positive Christ-centered learning environment, and rich campus life, Northrise University is quickly becoming the university of choice for students from near and far.



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