Love was in the Air: Highlights from Northrise University’s Dessert Night 2023

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Published: 16 March 2023

The Northrise University Student Council recently hosted an unforgettable event to celebrate Valentine’s Day – Dessert Night! This annual event is one of NU’s most highly anticipated events, and this year was no exception. The theme was “Masquerade Ball,” and the color scheme was bold and beautiful with red, black, and gold shades.

As guests arrived at the auditorium, they were greeted by a magical setting, complete with hanging fairy lights, a stunning heaven’s gate, red balloons, and exquisite table decor. A 360 booth was set up at the entrance, where students queued up to capture memories of the night. It was a sight to behold as students, dressed to the nines, donned elegant masks and beautiful gowns, and the gents looked dapper in their suits and tuxedos.

This year’s Dessert Night had something new and exciting – the crowning of the first-ever Mr. and Miss NU. The winners were presented with crowns, sashes, and gift bags, making it a memorable experience for all involved. The evening also featured beautiful singing performances, filling the room with love songs that set the night’s tone.

The open floor setup allowed students to dance the night away, starting with a candy dance, followed by a grand ballroom dance where students twirled around in their elegant gowns and tuxedos. As the night drew to a close, students left the auditorium, still reminiscing about the beautiful evening and memories of the masquerade ball.

Overall, this year’s Dessert Night was a night to remember for all those who attended. It was a
fantastic opportunity for students to come together and celebrate Valentine’s Day in style.

Story by: Geraldine Phiri


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