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Published: 1 March 2023

Nursing students from Northrise University embarked on a rural clinical practice at Miyengwe Clinic and Chilese Clinic in Masaiti District. Before commencing their duties, the students sought permission from the Chilolo, the local traditional leader, to work in their jurisdiction.

During their stay, the students had the opportunity to attend a stakeholder meeting which was attended by ward counselors, village police, traditional healers, traditional midwives, and a school head. The meeting was held on December 21, 2022. This forum provided an excellent platform for the students to learn about community expectations and concerns toward nurses. The insights gained from this forum would help the students to conduct community diagnoses and achieve their objectives more effectively.

Apart from attending the stakeholder meeting, the students also visited the farming community in the area. This visit gave the students an opportunity to learn about the health challenges faced by rural communities and how these challenges affect the farming population. The experience was an eye-opener for the students and provided them with practical insights into how to tackle health issues in rural communities.

Overall, the rural clinical practice was an enriching experience for the nursing students from Northrise
University. They gained practical knowledge about working in rural communities, interacted with
various stakeholders, and learned about the unique health challenges faced by rural communities. This
experience would undoubtedly prepare the students for a career in nursing and equip them with the
skills to positively impact the healthcare industry.


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