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Published: 9 July 2019


Impact Ndola! Saying these word is a privileged experience that denotes a great occurrence that has significant meaning to many. Impact Ndola is a time of service, sharing love and above all, spreading the Gospel to the glory and honor of God. Today reiterated this as was experienced at Mapalo and Mackenzie by the various teams that served there.
With all teams being sent off with a powerful devotion in the morning that motivated them to be “agents of the shield” who offer Service, Healing, Inspiration, encouragement, love and devotion to others, Impact volunteers did not come short of the message received as was seen in the Vocational Bible School (VBS) Centres. Arising Life, Mapalo and Mackenzie are centres among others that Northrise University Alumni, students, staff and friends are volunteering in various forms of service. To guarantee a truly impactful experience for the people served, today’s set of activities simultaneously run at all three centres and involved storytelling, an Arts and crafts class and a range of field games.
Under the story telling segment, the story of Joseph from the Bible was told by volunteers and in some cases acted out by the pupils that demonstrated acknowledgment of having learnt the valuable lessons of love and forgiveness. The arts and crafts class had pupils draw their families and give a brief explanation of their drawing, with a vivid understanding of how much the pupils love and appreciate their families seen in how well they spoke about them. ‘Chilile’, the theme song that generated an ambiance of joy and excitement, got pupils charged up for the games which went on for an hour and were a set of fun activities that saw the pupils engage in various extracurricular sporting activities.
A hive of activities and a general consensus by volunteers on having the passion to serve the communities around Ndola and truly leave a meaningful IMPACT is how we wrap up day two. This year’s Impact truly will be a remarkable and memorable experience to close off the final Impact of this decade and will be added on to the many past Impacts that have tremendously altered the lives of participants for the better.

Written by Musa Mukuka,
Photo credits; Mwelwa Kataya, Nelson Ngoma, Liseli Mushota, Chisha Simpokolwe, Joseph Lusumpa, Taonga Sakala, Chazya Sinkamba, Salifyanji Malunga.


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