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Published: 23 June 2009


Northrise Shoe Surprise

Shoes are very important components of human clothing. Northrise University received a consignment of shoes two weeks ago and it has been the talk here at Northrise University since. Grace Fellowship church, in California, sent various shoes for both faculty and students who had registered last year in October. It was a joyful sight to see the excitement of those who received a pair. Therefore, I thought it wise to have a word with some of the receipients and this is what they had to say to those who blessed them:-

Yelesani D. Chimwano
“I’m in the third year of my Bachelor in Theology. I would like to thank the people who sent these shoes not only for me but for the other guys here at Northrise. I am very grateful to know that there is at least someone out there who cares for us here at Northrise University. Its my pleasure to say the least that I can in appreciation, and that is Thank You.“

Kennedy Chipoma
“I’m in my third year pursuing my degree in Business Administration here at Northrise University. I would like to say many thanks to the people who sent these shoes for me. I didn`t really expect to receive so much from someone who is so many miles away – U.S.A! It really triggers me to show my appreciation for their heartfelt generosity. I am glad to say the shoes fit me well. As you can see, (to me, the writer) they look good on me! Thanks very much and may the Lord replace what has been given out.“

Mutanuka Sikazwe
“I’m doing my degree in Business Administration and am in my third year. Thank you to the people who sent these shoes for me. I may not know them but their care and concern for me is really touching and it makes me feel honored. I can not say much but my prayer is, may the Lord richly bless the hand that has given and may he guide them in all insights. Thanks a lot.“

Mrs. Alice Simutowe
“Im a registrar here at Northrise. The gesture of people remembering other people whom they’ve never met before and surprising them with shoes is amazing. It encourages us to continue dedicating our lives to Northrise University just as our friends remembered to get our shoe sizes and fulfilled their promise dedicatedly.“


Prudence Chola
“Im in my third year doing my degree in Information Technology. I felt great to receive shoes. There nice and just my size. Thank you so much.“

Peter Lungu
“I was excited to receive the shoes. And they came at the right time. Im very grateful to whoever sent me a pair. God bless you always.“

By Enock Misebo


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