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Published: 16 June 2020

David Kaunda

Bachelor of Business Administration

David Kaunda

David came to Northrise University determined to graduate. Having previously attended other universities, when first arriving at Northrise David knew this experience was different. Unlike his previous university experiences, Northrise offered lecturers taking their time with students, numerous options for on-campus activities, and a welcoming and connected atmosphere. Quickly, David decided to go all-in and fully invest in his experience at Northrise.

Campus Leadership

Knowing that he would thrive if given responsibility, David grew as a leader at Northrise. He is especially thankful for serving as a member of the student council. Joining together with other student leaders, he made a difference on campus and in the communities surrounding Northrise. David served as a Resident Assistant at the dormitory and as captain of the football team. Maintaining involvement in these activities while pursuing his degree taught David the importance of managing his time well. Furthermore, David improved his interpersonal communication skills, now required and used daily in the corporate world.

Spiritual Growth

David’s commitment to growth also extended to a commitment to grow spiritually. Thankful for the numerous activities on campus that provide opportunities to grow closer to God, David realized the importance of having God in his life throughout all of the good and difficult times. He experienced some challenging circumstances during his Northrise journey and the words spoken during chapel and other on-campus activities provided comfort and guidance.

Advice for the Next Generation at Northrise

If he could encourage incoming first-year students, it would be to become involved on campus and to say “Yes” to the opportunities presented to them. The Northrise community feels like family to David, and he is excited to go out and make a difference in Zambia.

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