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Our Conviction for a Biblically Oriented Education

Northrise University holds firm to the conviction that the scriptures are the Word of God. As God’s infallibly and authoritatively inspired revelation, the Bible reveals to us a sovereign God; all things are under His control. It also reveals the way to salvation in Jesus Christ, requires life to be lived in obedience to the Lord, and provides the key to the understanding, interpretation, meaning, and purpose of life. Therefore, the Bible provides the determinative and essential principles for Christian educational philosophy.


Integration of Faith and Learning:

Northrise University is committed to its mission as a Christ-centered institution of higher education. Biblically oriented learning is a necessity for the Christian community and integration of faith and learning is at the heart of authentic Christian higher education. Our faculty and staff are wholeheartedly committed to the integration of faith and learning across our campus and the curriculum.

We begin with a faith commitment that informs all learning, which also shapes expectations for living and results in moral and spiritual virtues. The moral and spiritual virtues have vital cognitive significance and strengthen the entire academic spectrum of teaching, learning, and research. 

We believe humility strengthens and arrogance hampers the learning process. Humility combined with faith, love, gratitude, and other virtues are essential for our balanced approach to Christian higher education.

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