Our Northrise journey does not end at graduation; it simply changes course

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Though living in different parts of Zambia, we are a unified cohort that attests to the far-reaching impact of Northrise. As graduates, we continue leading and serving in various fields while still connected to the vision and mission of our University through our eagerness to give back. We give our time, resources, and skills to various alumni campus-related and community activities under the leadership of the NU Alumni Association and Alumni Relations Office.

From 2020 onwards, the starting point of becoming part of the Alumni Association is induction. Various alumni have invested time and resources by giving back to Northrise in different ways. You too can become an active member of the Alumni Association through the following connection points.

Alumni Professional Mentorship Program In keeping with its mandate, the alumni office has conceptualized a Mentorship Programme aimed at alleviating some of the challenges faced by our alumni. This program will become the avenue through which students can tap into the wisdom of experienced and expert alumni. The Mentorship Programme incorporates both one-on-one mentorship sessions and quarterly Mentorship Forums.

Alumni Open Lecture Series Through the Alumni Open Lecture Series, you have the opportunity to engage with NU students and help them develop various professional skills.

Womanity Project Founded in 2019, the Womanity Project connects female alumni as mentors for young girls from different walks of life and less privileged backgrounds. This is your platform as a Northrise female graduate to connect, empower, and transform lives.

Volunteer your time Northrise is constantly looking for volunteers to help with events, spiritual formation programs, and other in-house processes. Let us know your areas of passion and we will get you started.

Invest in a life After you, come hundreds of students striving to earn an education. But with financial struggles, some of these may not attain their career goals. Come alongside one or two by investing in their education so they too can graduate and thrive.

Friend-Raising Introduce a friend to Northrise! Our goal is to have increasingly more people connected to the Northrise mission and vision. You can invite a friend to become a partner and participate in the great work God is doing at Northrise.

Give to NU Perhaps you are interested in the infrastructure development of your University more than anything. That’s still another area you can invest in. Several fundraising campaigns are currently going on. Consider giving to one.

Alumni Recruiter Many working professionals are often considering advancing their careers by attaining higher degrees. Be our voice in your sphere of influence. Right where you are, help influence a university choice; refer friends and workmates to Northrise.

Upcoming Events

Black Tie - Annual Alumni Gala
 The Annual Black Tie Gala began in November of 2019. This is a signature effort by the Northrise University Alumni Association to strengthen collaborations between the University and its alumni through various annual activities under the NU Alumni Black Tie Gala.

Alumni Virtual Couch Talks Through personal life experience, professional perspectives, and observational commentary, the panelists of this Intergenerational Virtual Couch Talk dialogue on various topics.

Alumni Webinar Series These are presentations by various alumni professionals.

Annual Alumni Town Hall Meeting Where alumni come together to discuss matters around the Alumni Association.

Keep Your Alumni Profile Active

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