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Flexibility and Convienience

Balancing a full-time job and earning a degree can be challenging when your options are limited to classroom learning. What you need is a flexible degree program to fit your busy schedule.

The Northrise University 100% Online Learning programs offer flexibility and convenience to learners at the same quality as on-campus programs. Regardless of your goals - advance your career, improve your skills, change your profession, or simply add to your knowledge - the path to getting there starts with a Northrise University online education, which sets you ready to Go Far!

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Business Degrees

  • Diploma in Human Resource Management
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Finance and Accounting

Law Programs

  • Bachelor of Laws

Information Technology Degrees

  • Bachelor of Information Technology in Web and Software Development

Theology Degrees

  • Bachelor of Theology

Graduate Programs

FAQ's for Online Learning

When considering an online college or university and an online degree, the reputation of the school and specific program is of great importance. Schools that are renowned for a given program of study will offer degrees that are useful to students whether they earn their credentials in person or through distance education. However, the prestige of the school is not the only consideration when weighing the value of a degree. In many cases, the skills you gain during your studies will eclipse the degree that you earn. If this is true for you, then you need to seek an online university with a positive track record in its quality of education. NU promises to deliver high quality education through the online programs.

Yes. Several types of accreditation may be given to a college or university. NU is accredited by the Higher Education Authority of Zambia so are all its online programs.

If you feel comfortable “flying solo”, an online degree program may be right for you. If this is your first attempt at managing your educational affairs without the assistance of parents or teachers, make sure you are up to the challenge, that you are using all the support services available to you, and that you have somebody in your corner, be it a family member or a professional tutor, to help you through the early stages of transition and hold you accountable. Your performance at an online university is determined in large part by the way that you have historically approached education.

Convenience and flexibility are the most common advantages of online classes. Taking classes online is ideal for someone who wants to continue working or doing business while earning a degree just as one who attends face-to-face classes with instructors. Online classes allow you to fit school into your schedule where it's convenient for you.

A three (3) credit course will typically last 16 weeks. The syllabus outlines the requirements for the course with objectives for each week. Students typically have several weekly readings, assignments, and discussions due in specific weeks of which they post a response to a question or assignment and then later respond to other students' posts. Quizzes, tests, and exams are also completed online. This is a typical schedule of online activities.

The academic year is composed of two 16-week semesters and two 2-week winter blocks. New students are admitted in S1 (February intake) and S2 (August intake).

Course load is the number of courses a student takes per study period. The full course load is currently five (5) courses per semester.

Online classes are delivered using a learning management system, called Google Classroom. Students log into Google Classroom and can select their Class Cards. Once a student is in their class, they can access course materials, PowerPoint slides, assignments, readings, documents, videos, links, and discussion forums.

Students are expected to be confident with their skills regarding standard computer applications for completion of their coursework.

One of the most important keys to being a successful online student is self-discipline. Because you are not required to be in class at a specific time you have to be self-motivated to get the work done on your own. If you have a family and/or a full-time job while you are taking online classes you must establish a schedule of when and how you will get your work done. We highly recommend this.  If you don’t understand an assignment it is important to ask questions for clarification weeks before it is due so you don’t fall behind. Instructors make themselves available to students via e-mail, virtual office hours, and conference calls. Make an appointment if necessary.


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