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Northrise University provides several convenient ways to pay tuition and fees. Leveraging a wide distribution of branches and Deposit ATMs across the country coupled with reliably fast internet and mobile banking services offered by our bank, your tuition account is credited within 24 hours of making a payment.

Payment Methods

Using First National Bank (FNB), you can pay tuition and fees via any of the following payment methods.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

  • Online Bank Transfer
  • ATM Deposits
  • Mobile Banking

Over the Counter (OTC)

  • Deposit at any FNB branch

Important Notes on How to Successfully make a Payment at Northrise

  • To successfully pay for tuition and fees, you must correctly reference your payment and deposit it into the correct tuition and fees account.
  • Always ensure that your Student ID or Application Number is correct otherwise you risk making a payment into another student’s account.
  • No Cash Payments are accepted
  • Payments take 24 hours to fully be processed thus make early deposits to avoid inconveniences

Incoming New Students - Admission Related Payments

Types of Admission Related Payments

During the enrollment process, prospects and new incoming students pay the following fees.

  • Application Fee A non-refundable fee paid to officially submit your Application for Admission Form.
  • Intent to Register Fee A non-refundable fee paid as an initial payment towards enrollment/registration.
  • Immigration Fee This fee is paid by International Students for processing a Study Permit.

Referencing Admission Related Payment

Upon submitting an Application, NU Applicants are issued an Application Form ID which is commonly referred to as the APF Number. This number uniquely identifies an Application and therefore MUST be used for referencing all payments required during the Admission process.

  • Application Fee Referencing
    Enter your APF Number exactly as given to you by the Admissions Office when making an Application Fee deposit. E.g APF220001
  • Intent to Register Fee (ITR) Referencing
    The fee code for Intent to Register is ITR. To correctly reference your deposit, prefix the code, ITR, to your Application Form ID (APF Number). E.g ITRAPF220001
  • Immigration Fee (IMF) Referencing
    The fee code for Immigration Fee is IMF. To correctly reference your deposit, prefix the code, IMF, to your Application Form ID (APF Number). E.g IMFAPF220001

Account Details for Admission Related Payments

Once you have your valid reference, you can proceed to deposit any Admission related payments into the following account using any of the methods stated above.

Bank Name First National Bank (FNB)
Branch Ndola Main Branch
Account Name Northrise University
Account Number 0062757671237

Note: This account is used by Applicants for Admission Related Payments Only

Student Related Payments
Once you pay your Intent to Register Fee, you matriculate (become enrolled into Northrise University).
Upon matriculation, you are issued with a Student ID. Your Student ID uniquely identifies you as as a bonafide Northrise student. After matriculation, an incoming student pays:

  • Initial Tuition Deposit: This is the first installment toward Tuition. Amount to be paid is reflected on a Preliminary Invoice for Incoming New Students.
  • Subsequent Tuition Fees: Based on the Payment Plan chosen, a student continues to make subsequent Tuition payments to settle Tuition balance.

Note: All Tuition payments for any student with an ID are made into a separate Tuition Account and referenced differently. If you have been issued with a Student ID (Matriculated), please follow the payment instructions as given under Returning Students.


Current Students

All students (including newly matriculated students) must adhere to the following guidelines when making a payment.

Types of Student Payments
There are several types of payments students make in the course of an academic journey at Northrise. Please refer to the Valid Fee Codes document linked below for the various types of fees and the respective Fee Codes.

Referencing Student Payment
All tuition payments must be correctly referenced because only payments with valid references can be successfully deposited and successfully accredited to a Student's Tuition Account.

When referencing a student payment, one must combine the fee code, Student ID, and study group. A Fee Code is prefixed to the ID and the Study Group is postfixed to the Fee Code and Student ID to create a valid reference. Below is an example of a valid reference using the stated conversion.


To always correctly reference your payment, please refer to the Fee Codes for your student payments.

CAUTION: If a student wrongly references a payment by using another student ID when entering a reference, the payment will be accepted and automatically credited into that other student’s Tuition Account. If this happens and a student wishes to reverse this transaction, a Wrong Reference Penalty Fee of K250.00 is charged.
Please double check your STUDENT ID to ensure it is correct before depositing any payment.

Account Details
Once you have your valid reference, you can proceed to deposit your payment into the following account using any of the methods stated above. All student fees as per Northrise SMS generated Invoice MUST be deposited into the following account.

Bank Name First National Bank (FNB)
Branch Ndola Main Branch
Account Name Northrise University
Account Number 0062757671477

Note: Note: This account is used for Student Tuition and Other Fees ONLY.