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Being a student at Northrise means being part of a thriving, diverse, and dynamic community yet unified as one Body in Christ!

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Becoming Community

Northrise is committed to fostering and maintaining a thriving community. Our 1,000-member (and growing) student body is far from homogeneous, which is by design. We are diverse and dynamic and are yet unified into one Body. In conjunction with all that we have to offer through Spiritual Formation, our Student Life services strive to enable students to be the unique individuals God created them to be, while keeping them connected to the vibrant community they have been called to here at NU. We fully recognize and appreciate the sacrifice it takes our students to get to this point in their journeys—not only financially, but also through the toll of leaving families, homes, and for some, countries, to come study at NU. As such, we take every effort to ensure that Northrise students have a place to call home.

Campus Expansion

A Place to Call Home

Come make yourself at home, with a traditional student experience, living on campus at Northrise, where we provide a safe, comfortable place for you to reside. We recently expanded to two dormitories and are now planning on constructing a student sporting complex, complete with a full-size soccer field and basketball and volleyball courts. In the near future, you can also study, relax, and engage in what will be our new Administration Building, which will include a state-of-the-art study center and a coffeehouse.

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Investing in Lives

Incoming freshmen will take advantage of First Year Experience, which includes experiences and programs designed to help ease the transition to university living and also further integrate our Christian faith in the lives of our student body. Through programs and activities, like ongoing orientation, the female freshmen mentorship program, and male freshmen meet-ups, all first-year students have the opportunity to navigate the social, emotional, personal, and psychological transitions that take place during such a foundational year on campus.

Developmental Classes

Services Learning - Northrise University

Service Learning Class

This course is part of the first year experience. First year students meet once a week in their first semester to prepare for their life of serving at NU. The sessions are student focused. All first year students attending their first semester at Northrise MUST attend the sessions and comply with the requirements of the course.

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Peer Leadership Class

Peer Leadership is a student life program that inspires and prepares students for leadership roles within the student body. With vast peer leadership opportunities, Northrise provides organized learning and living structures through which students learn key leadership skills and competencies for future leadership roles.

Some students thrive more in the field than in the classroom. Thus at Northrise, all students are given equal opportunity to aspire for leadership in various positions in multiple areas. Students can serve as leaders in areas such as Student Council, Resident Assistant in our Residence Halls, Club Leaders, and Sports Coordinator. Or perhaps provide academic mentorship to fellow students through the Peer Academic Mentorship classes for different courses and different levels.

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Internship Class

The NU Internship program is an initiative within the Student Life department as part of career guidance service to students. The program is designed to prepare students for work-related learning experiences that provide them with opportunities to gain knowledge and skills. Northrise University would like to facilitate provision for students to experiment and pursue careers that match their personal and academic interests and to do so by preparing and encouraging students to pursue internships in their 3rd and 4th year of study.

Athletics & Clubs

At Northrise, we have various clubs and sports that give like-minded students and athletic enthusiasts a place and space to share and further their common interests in social programs, general fitness, and physical health through recreation and/or competitive sport. These clubs are either student-led and coached or mentored by University staff and faculty. Through organized clubs and sports, NU Students have an environment for inclusiveness, friendships, and personal growth.

  • Aerobics Club

    is an on-campus fitness club for female students only, which encourages good physical health through weekly aerobic sessions.

  • First Year Experience

    exists as a group of experienced students who serve as a welcoming committee for all new students, freshman or otherwise. These students gifted with hospitality create support programs, whether social, academic, or otherwise, that ensure a smooth transition into NU life over the course of students’ first semester.

  • Innovative Arcade

    is a student-led club for Information Technology students sharing an interest in emerging tech trends. Collaborating with faculty, club members work on projects that further their knowledge in the field. The club also hosts occasional lecture series and engagement, further enhancing the learning process and overall experience.

  • Law Students Association of Northrise University (LASANU)

    focuses on assisting Bachelor of Laws students. Guided by law faculty, students exchange legal knowledge and ideas as well as organize moot court in order to provide members with a platform of practicing law. LASANU also conducts monthly court visits, including to the Ndola High Court, which enables students to observe legal proceedings for both civil and criminal cases.

  • NU Business Club

    represents Northrise Business School (NBS) by attracting business-minded students who focus on further expounding what is learned in their courses through creativity and innovation under the overall umbrella of entrepreneurship.

  • Social Enterprise

    is a joint green project between Northrise and Fontys University of Applied Sciences (in the Netherlands) focusing on waste management through the recycling of plastic bags into cosmetic bags sold in Europe.

  • Basketball

    The NU Celtics includes lovers of basketball who meet at least twice per week as they strive to compete against other Ndola-based teams, as often as the academic calendar can accommodate.

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    The NU Eagles, established in 2006, meet weekly for training and compete in at least two monthly matches, primarily against other colleges and universities.

  • Volleyball

    NU Volleyball is the only female-led team on campus and currently meets one evening every two weeks. Newer on campus, the team is getting itself to the point at which it can play competitively.


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