Spiritual Formation

A Northrise education is rooted in Spiritual Formation; key spiritual initiatives that create an atmosphere for students to deepen their faith and walk in Christ.

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Developing More Than Minds

At Northrise, students will undoubtedly receive a world-class education that equips them for careers that will make a difference throughout Zambia and beyond. But the academic experience and credentials offered by NU are not sufficient on their own. We endeavor to develop not only minds, but also hearts and souls. In order to make a kingdom impact in our midst, here and now, students need to grow in their relationships with Jesus Christ. As such, we build within NU not only the mechanisms that inform our student body, but also those that form and transform them.

Faith & Learning

We have a rich tradition of integrating faith and academics at Northrise, and one need not be a theology student to be completely exposed to the blending of the two.  We offer students weekly rhythms that keep their spiritual lives intact with their academic lives, ensuring that the two are thoroughly integrated. Through chapel, Bible studies, praise nights, and student fellowship, students grow vertically in their relationships with Jesus, but also horizontally in community with one another.  Stronger together, in union with Christ, the NU student and alumni bodies are changing Zambia and the world beyond, one heart at a time.

Integration of Faith and Learning

Our faculty and staff are wholeheartedly committed to partnering with our students to help them grow in these areas.  We begin with a faith commitment that informs all learning, which also shapes expectations for living and results in moral and spiritual virtues. The moral and spiritual virtues have vital cognitive significance and strengthen the entire academic spectrum of teaching, learning, and research.

We believe humility strengthens and arrogance hampers the learning process. Humility combined with faith, love, gratitude, and other virtues are essential for our balanced approach to Christian higher education.

Chapel Services

Northrise University hosts weekly Chapel services every Monday as one of its most visible and engaging spiritual activities on campus. Chapel has over the years become a tradition at Northrise as a valued time of praise, worship, and gleaning from God’s word.

Due to current COVID  restrictions, only first-year students, staff and faculty are attending on-site chapel. Second to fourth-year students are attending chapel through online streaming.

Bible Study

Bible studies are conducted weekly for resident students as well as faculty and staff. In Bible study settings, both students and staff engage with deep theological truths that underpin their understanding of God and his relentless love for mankind.

Class Devotions

Class devotions are are an integral part of class sessions for both online and on-site students. Under a common semester theme and weekly topics, devotions are held at the beginning of each class. From an opening prayer to devotion and a lesson that integrates biblical truths, a desire for spiritual growth is cultivated.