Northrise University aspires to be a place where students are taught by scholars who are active researchers and who not only inspire and enthuse them about the subject but who also model what it means to challenge and push toward the boundaries of acquiring knowledge.

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Research at Northrise University

Research is at the heart of Northrise University. Research at NU is applied; a kind of research that solves problems in the community and industry. We aspire to be relevant to our communities through research with the understanding that Christ left us with that mandate.


Student Research:

Students at NU engage in academic research that is focused on:

  • fostering a better understanding of research methods,
  • developing a deeper appreciation of solutions that bring lasting change,
  • and building greater confidence in analytical thinking and independence in decision making.

Every student conducting Research at Northrise is first taught research concepts to equip them to carry out research that will ultimately be relevant to society. NU students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels begin research in their final year in diverse areas of interest that align with their program of study.

At undergraduate level, we want our students to be grounded in research skills so they produce papers with rigor. Therefore, their research problems remain within specific domains. Postgraduates students, on the other hand, are encouraged to conduct multidisciplinary research that answers to real-world problems.

All students work with faculty as their mentors while carrying out research.


Faculty Research:

It is mandatory for NU faculty/staff to be engage in various types of research. We believe that unparalleled intellectual growth that can be acquired through research is necessary for all our teachers. Research aids in remaining relevant, and therefore critical to their fields, their classroom, their communities, and the world.

Northrise University also collaborates with other research institutions or industry in research. Companies or organizations are welcome to involve NU in their research.

Currently, a team of six faculty recently submitted their research work for review towards publication.

Our goal is for Northrise University to be at the center of challenging theories and developing solutions for Zambia, Africa, and beyond.

Contact the Head of Research for research collaboration or questions:

Featured Abstract - Student Researcher


By Bwalya Mutale Bowa – Graduated 2021

In unindustrialized countries, there is a need to discover new solutions for continuous monitoring of traffic density to counter the overwhelming congestion on roads. The use of a technology known as IoT (Internet of Things) offers various applications in traffic monitoring, the technology is used to link numerous items through a network or wires in order to gather, analyze and transmit the data. In this way traffic management tools can be used to monitor vehicle density, acquire real-time information such as which lanes experience more congestion, and transmit this data to a device where it can be stored and analyzed. The system can eradicate the need for deploying traffic officers to deal with congestion during peak hours, and provide detailed analysis of what occurs on roads to the relevant authorities. The Internet of Things makes traffic management systems more efficient by enabling real-time monitoring; it can facilitate a positive method to avoid congestion, accidents, accidents, and an overall improvement in the management of traffic.