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Our Vision

Northrise University is one of the premier Christian universities in Southern Africa preparing students for their unique God-given purpose. We envision a future in which Zambia boasts of having the “#1 Private University in southern Africa” - Northrise University. Each student educated by Northrise advances this vision and Zambia has transformed one student at a time. At our century mark in 2104, we envision 80,000 alumni each making a difference in their community and transforming Africa. Northrise stays on track toward this vision with a strategic plan led by our Founders and Board of Regents.

Transforming Zambia one student at a time relies on our culture of and commitment to being excellent at what is good. Northrise interprets our expression of being excellent at what is good as a Christ-centered university. To be a model of excellence for teaching and learning; a learner-centered academic community that challenges, advances knowledge, and improves the economic well-being, quality of life, and spiritual vitality of its students and staff.

As a center of academic excellence, NU aims to

  • Enhance its position as one of Zambia’s research and teaching universities and measure its performance against the highest international standards
  • Provide the highest quality learning and teaching environment for the greater well-being of its students and deliver a comprehensive and community-required educational portfolio
  • Produce graduates fully equipped to achieve the highest personal and professional standards
  • Make a significant, sustainable, and socially responsible contribution to Zambia and the world, promoting health and economic and cultural well-being

There are four Strategic Imperatives to our vision

  1. Construct Campus facilities to enable moving onto the land and educating more students
  2. Achieve sustainable operations for the university
  3. Develop and maintain a world-class faculty
  4. Create a spirit of discipleship among the NU community, where love is felt and hard work is seen and rewarded

Core Values

At NU, God Inspires our Core Values

  1. Commitment & Dependency: We desire each day to follow and honor the Lord Jesus Christ in all we do by being His committed disciples and acknowledging our dependence on Him through prayer, worship, and obedience. 
  2. Love and Service: We seek to be a place where Christian love and service are evident, and we are committed to respecting and treating all people as equals. 
  3. Leadership: Following Jesus, our goal is to lead by example and by servitude. By being this type of leader, we can properly train and equip our students. 
  4. Faithful Stewardship: We desire to honor our God by being thankful, faithful, and respectful of all resources that He provides for us as we use them to His honor and glory. 
  5. Biblical: We desire to be guided by the Holy Spirit, living out a biblical worldview through academic study, a meditation on Scripture, prayer, and community action. Learn more about NU’s Biblically Oriented Education.
  6. Faith: We recognize that God’s evangelical mission has made us into a redemptive community that, acting out of faith, is being transformed into the likeness of Christ. 
  7. Spiritual: We pursue the spiritual development of all University students and staff members. 


Northrise Graduates Make A Difference

"I think right now what I'm hoping to do is mostly work with young people and support other people just the way Northrise has helped me become what I am now."

– Banji, NU Graduate - Country Director in Zambia - YoungLife

Northrise Graduates have seen success in business, eduction, healthcare, government, and ministry. Their success all began with a conversation with one of our Enrollment Advisors.

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