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The Admission team is excited you are considering Northrise University to come alongside you in your academic pursuit.

The first step requires you complete the form below as thoroughly as possible, including the attachment of all required documentation. It is necessary that all submitted information is complete, accurate, and truthful in order to avoid a withdrawn application or post-enrollment dismissal.

A member of our team will contact you with an enrollment decision after four business days from the date your application would be successfully completed. An application is considered successfully completed once it has all the required documentation and is fully paid for. You also may expect to hear from us sooner if there is any other information that we may require from you as we make our determination.

Please know the protection of your sensitive information is of utmost importance to the University, which ensures the form below is secure and everything submitted is confidential and only to be shared with Admission decision-makers.

Important Information

Read this information before filling out your application.

  • Tuition Fees and Payment Plans

NU is a Christ-centered university. Students are required to attend chapel at least 80% of all the times chapel is held in each Semester. In addition all our classes begin with devotions and prayer based on the Holy Bible. Students are also required to abide by our core values which are based on biblical principles. Please familiarize yourself with our core values in the Student Handbook.

2023 Application Deadlines Dates

  • Local Students: 11th January, 2023
  • International Students: 16th December 2022

Entry Requirements

  • Pre Undergraduate
    Grade 12 certificate or equivalent with relevant work experience in related field.
  • Undergraduate
    All Programs: Grade 12 certificate or equivalent with 5 credits or better inclusive of English and Mathematics
    • For the Nursing Degree Applicants, a credit or better in Science is also required
  • Postgraduate
    All Programs: Undergraduate degree from an accredited University plus 2 years work experience.

NOTE:  Applicants wishing to pursue any of our graduate programs must have completed core courses relevant to their chosen program of study. E.g. MBA Applicants must have completed course in the following areas (Economics, Statistics, Accounting and Business Management). If not, one is required to take those courses at undergraduate level and these studies are called Pre-Graduate Studies.

The Minimum Class Size Agreement Form MUST be filled in by applicants or students who are matriculating into NU in any given Academic Year. The purpose of this agreement is to inform students of NU’s policy regarding the minimum number of students required to make up a class. As of Academic Year (AY) 2012, a class size consists of a minimum of ten (10) students. In the event where students do not make up a class, they will be required to take the following action.

Change to an Alternate Program

A situation may arise where the number of students who are about to transition into their Major is such they are not able to make up a class. In this case, students will be required to Major into another program of their choice where class sizes meet the required minimum. This policy will also apply at any given time after students have commenced taking their Major courses.

Accommodation Policy

Application for Accommodation is a formal process and requires you submit an Application for Accommodation Form. Checking/Ticking you need accommodation in this Form is by no means an Application for Accommodation. It is merely an indication you require an Application for Accommodation form. Further, please note after submitting your Accommodation Form, you must await confirmation you have been granted accommodation from Student Life Department before you can proceed to make Accommodation payment.

Financial Aid Policy

If you have indicated you need FA, please note you must formally apply using a specific Financial Aid Application Form. Please speak to your Admission Counselor to get the Financial Aid (FA) Application Deadline. Please note Applications for FA submitted after the deadline will not be processed.

2024 S1 Application Deadlines


Local Students: 12th July 2024


International Students: 14th June 2024