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NUCare Clinic

Remaining consistent with our mission to ensure total well-being of our students, Northrise provides first class emotional, mental, and physical health care to support students' personal development for academic success.

Medical Care Services

NUCare is a first-class medical clinic designed to attend to the health and wellness needs of the Northrise community. With a mission to address the holistic health needs of the Northrise students as well as faculty, staff, and their families, NUCare clinic offers services ranging from basic care to extended medical services. Staffed with a full-time nurse, visiting Doctor, and support team, NUCare offers health checkups, first aid, diagnostics, therapeutic, and preventative health care.

NUCare also provides wellness support through psycho-social counselling to all students and regular screening services to students living in Campus Housing.

Having a fully functional medical facility on campus allows Northrise students the freedom to receive treatment and prevention services when in need.

NUCare medical reach does not end on campus, it extends further to the immediate low income communities like Twapia and George Compound through medical outreach programs from time to time when resources allow.

Counselling Services

We believe in the value of nurturing the whole student beyond physical health. Our Counselling Office offers short term counselling services to students with the aim of promoting student personal responsibility towards actions and a desire to uphold moral standards, and educational, social, and spiritual values.

Counselling is a form of therapy allowing an individual to talk about their problems and feelings in a confidential setting. Our counselors listen with empathy and walk alongside students during difficult sessions in a student’s life.

Counselling Services on Offer

  • Individual Counselling
  • Group Counselling
  • Career Counselling
  • Around the Table Discussions
  • Focused Group Meetings
  • Advisees Program
  • Spiritual Care
  • Prayer

Our hope is that through Counselling services, our students will

  • Develop and clarify personal goals while at Northrise
  • Identify vices that promote certain behavioral pattens
  • Remain encouraged in periods of turmoil and confusion
  • Seeking lasting change by overcoming detrimental behaviors

We also have a variety of means by which students can receive mentorships by staff and faculty who care deeply about the complex issues students may be facing and are invested in walking alongside students no matter where they are in their journey.

We are here for you!  Let us how how we can help.