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Transferring to Northrise University is a viable option for a student currently studying at a different university.

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Whether you are looking to join Northrise University for its authentic Christain education or are simply looking for a holistic approach to teaching, learning, and research, NU is ready to help you get started.

Northrise uses the Exemption Process to transfer course credits from other colleges or universities and enable Transfer Students to complete their coursework then graduate from Northrise in less time.

The Northrise University exemptions are offered on a course by course basis. Implying that, an applicant would not necessarily be exempted from a particular level or block of courses. Rather, one would be exempted from each eligible course irrespective of the level at which it's offered.

All applicants are required to meet the formal entry requirements of a Program before they can be allowed to enroll and transfer any credits.

NU Exemption Policy:

For the partial fulfillment of program requirements, Northrise University may grant course exemption for students’ relevant prior tertiary studies and vocational and/or professional experience and training subject to fulfillment of the following:

  1. The applicant must currently be enrolled as a Northrise University student. For applicants who are not yet enrolled at NU, please see the possible courses that may be exempted based on certain qualifications here.
  2. The exemption must be for an equivalent academic or professional qualification (i.e., a degree obtained from a recognized institution may have certain courses exempted from another degree program offered by Northrise University). A student cannot expect to be exempted when they have a lower qualification unless that lower qualification is a major in one of the courses for which an exemption was applied.
  3. Exemptions will only be considered for individuals who have obtained their qualifications in the last five years.
  4. The University may require the applicants to write and pass an examination if they request to be exempted from a particular course.
  5. Payment of a course exemption fee will be required by the University.
  6. Exempted courses are not factored into the calculation of the student’s cumulative GPA.


  • A student will not normally be granted more than a fifty percent exemption toward the coursework component of the program in which he/she is enrolled.
  • Students will not be granted exemptions for research reports, minor theses subjects, or research project subjects.