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Leveraging its prestigious partnerships, Northrise University has been able to enhance its programs and provide the best opportunities for student success. We are privileged to have strong relationships with high-quality Christian institutions and affiliate bodies to enhance the academic experiences of students and faculty.

  • Baylor University

    Baylor University

    Baylor University has granted Northrise University access to its graduate program enabling Northrise to equip its future faculty members through its own faculty development program. Also, Baylor’s Louise Herrington School of Nursing sends student teams to Northrise in the summer to engage in fieldwork that allows them to experience the challenges and opportunities presented by a developing country and its context. Partnering with a world-class research university enables faculty members to engage in mutually-beneficial research projects.

  • Grand Canyon University - 900 pixels

    Grand Canyon University (GCU)

    Grand Canyon University (GCU) has welcomed Northrise faculty and staff members to pursue some of its doctoral and master’s programs as part of the faculty/staff development initiative. GCU, an expert at offering online faculty/staff development modules, is using them to enhance and equip Northrise employees at a higher level.

  • Fontys_logo

    Fontys University

    Fontys University of Applied Sciences is a forward-looking institution located in the Netherlands that strongly emphasizes technology, entrepreneurship, and creativity. Students partnered with those at Northrise together from the Social Enterprise Project, which recycles plastic bags to create cosmetic and multipurpose bags, thereby reducing waste through innovation.

  • dordt-university

    Dordt University

    Dordt University has a robust engineering program, and its professors have invested in developing curriculum and are teaching students who will eventually go on to be part of the engineering faculty at Northrise University. Northrise has committed to establishing an engineering school that will graduate civil and mechanical engineers who will play a critical role in further developing the infrastructure of Zambia. The partnership with Dordt will help ensure that these goals come to fruition.

  • 2010Logo_Long-copy

    Le Tourneau University

    Le Tourneau (LTU) is also involved in establishing the engineering school at Northrise University and has invested in curriculum development and served in an advisory capacity. Future Northrise engineering faculty will be trained and equipped at LTU as part of its strategic plan to establish the school.

  • CCUA Logo

    The Christian Colleges and University Association (CCUA)

    Enables Christian colleges and universities throughout Zambia to collectively foster spiritual vitality. Northrise and other Christ-centered universities belonging to CCUA together promote the integration of faith and learning as they defend a Christian pedagogy within higher education.

  • cccu member logo_horizontal

    Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU)

    The Council for Christian Colleges & Universities is a higher education association of more than 185 Christian institutions around the world. Since 1976, the CCCU has served as the leading national voice of Christian higher education. With campuses across the globe, including more than 150 in the U.S. and Canada and more than 30 from an additional 19 countries, CCCU institutions are accredited, comprehensive colleges and universities whose missions are Christ-centered and rooted in the historic Christian faith. Most also have curricula rooted in the arts and sciences. The CCCU’s mission is to advance the cause of Christ-centered higher education and to help our institutions transform lives by faithfully relating scholarship and service to biblical truth.


    Consortium For Global Education (CGE)

    The Consortium for Global Education (CGE) is a non-profit global organization with a membership of accredited American private universities and colleges with consortium member campuses, located in more than 23 USA states and 6 nations, are equally committed to quality programs of international education. Affiliate members, such as Northrise University, represent key national universities worldwide. Each member of the consortium is committed to a high value of quality academic education and supports the internationalization of higher education through student and faculty global participation.

Accrediting Partners

  • Higher Education Authority Logo

    The Higher Education Authority (HEA)

     Zambia’s higher education regulatory authority, which functions as a registrar, accreditor, and quality assurance promoter for both public and private higher education institutions throughout the nation. Northrise University is both recognized and accredited by the Higher Education Authority, which enables us to offer approved and accredited programs.

  • Zambia Qualifications Authority Logo

    The Zambia Qualifications Authority (ZAQA)

    Regulates national qualifications for local and international comparability, ensuring that an institution’s qualification is recognized at both levels. With our qualifications registered and recognized by ZAQA, we can ensure that a diploma from Northrise exists as the proper credential for our graduates to compete in both the national and international job markets.

  • Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants

    The Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants (ZICA)

    A membership body that regulates the Zambian accountancy profession. NU Bachelor of Fine Arts graduates must be members of ZICA in order for their accountancy qualification to hold Zambian recognition.

  • RED ACCA Logo (spot 485)

    The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

    A thriving global community of 227,000 members based in 176 countries, upholding the highest professional and ethical values in accountancy. The NU Bachelor of Finance and Accounting exists as an ACCA exemption accredited program, which enables graduates to take advantage of certain exemptions when they endeavor to pursue this professional qualification.

  • cropped-logo_gold

    General Nursing Council of Zambia

    The General Nursing Council of Zambia (GNC) is a Statutory Body, established in 1970 under the Nurses and Midwives Act No.55 of 1970 which was repealed and replaced by the Nurses and Midwives Act No. 31 of 1997. This Act redefined the functions of the Council and expanded the scope of practice for Nurses and Midwives. The Act also provides for the establishment of private practice.

Corporate Partners

  • epiroc-logo-vector

    Epiroc Zambia

     Epiroc Zambia is in a vibrant Corporate Partnership with Northrise. We have partnered with Epiroc Zambia to train its staff in a customer-centric leadership and management program.

  • ndola-chamber-logo (2)

    Ndola & District Chamber of Commerce and Industry

    Northrise Unviersity recently signed an MoU with the Ndola and District Chamber of Commence and Industry. This partnership will support the University's Internship Program among other things.

  • zumasys


    Zumasys is a software company based in the US that specializes in Pick MultiValue technologies which somethings supplies IT equipment and offer technical support on those technologies.

  • Mary-Begg

    Mary Begg Community Clinic

    Mary Begg Community Clinic is a non-profit organization which provides quality health care for the Zambian community. It currently, operates four clinics on the Copperbelt and North Western provinces. The clinic partners with the public health sector and the private sector like Northrise University to provide national health programs and a lasting health care legacy in Zambia.

  • FQM

    First Quantum Minerals Ltd

    First Quantum Minerals Ltd. has grown from a small mineral operation in Zambia into a multinational mining business in less than two decades, with a global portfolio of copper and nickel assets in Europe, Africa, Australia and South America. This phenomenal growth is down to FQM people who strive to be Bolder, Smarter and Driven in everything they do. The company employs most of our graduates.

  • voyagers-zambia (2)

    Voyagers Zambia

    Voyagers was founded in 1987 by Marion Gatchell, giving Voyagers more than 33 years’ experience in providing expert travel services to Zambian and International entities. The company also employs most of our graduates.

Community Partners

  • Arising Life Ministries

  • Capital Christian Ministries

  • Family Legacy

  • Dreams Academy

  • Grace Academy

  • Hope International Ministries

  • Mackenzi

  • Mapalo Morning Glow Academy

  • Mercy House

  • Wiphan

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