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Published: 22 June 2020

Jemimah Kolombe

Bachelor of Business Administration

Jemimah Kalombe

As Jemimah plans, she reflects on her experiences at Northrise University. Jemimah is proud of the quality of her Northrise education. Northrise challenged her to grow academically and personally throughout the past four years. “I can confidently say Northrise University has been a huge part of my personal growth. In my second year I served on the student council. Being a leader in school pushed me to develop a certain level of growth. Growth in terms of emotional stability, spiritual, academic performance, character, and more. This also helped me change my view on how to carry myself as the oldest child in my family.” Jemimah also expresses gratitude for the opportunities to serve her community during service learning and Impact Ndola in 2017 and 2019.

During Jemimah’s time at Northrise University she reflected on the life she was living and set her hopes and dreams for the future. Thankful for the Christ-centered education, she wants to lead a purpose-driven life. She pushes herself to be a better person and always considering what she can contribute to the world. Jemimah says, “I can proudly stand and say, ‘I am a believer encouraged to continue working on their spiritual life.’”


The university experience exceeded Jemimah’s expectations. She chose to make the most of her four years at Northrise engaging in many activities and opportunities offered. Some standout experiences include

  • The Female Mentorship Program
  • First Year Experience
  • Career Development Seminar
  • Community Development Seminar
  • HIV and Aids Seminar
  • School Field Trips

As a higher education institution, Northrise is not only concerned about the students’ academics but their personal life as well. Because of this, instructors make themselves available to their students and engage students during lessons. Jemimah feels it is important to be part of an institution that is concerned about students’ well-being. She feels the Northrise community is loving. She built meaningful and strong relationships with many staff members and fellow students throughout her four years.


Jemimah hopes that Zambia will develop a strong education system for children, starting when they are very young. Additionally, her degree will assist with plans to develop a program designed to help Zambian children discover their passion and talents. Jemimah wants to help the children of Zambia recognize and achieve their purpose in life. The program will provide opportunities and open doors.

“Most importantly I would like to thank God for awarding me such a beautiful opportunity, to be part of a university driven to change many peoples’ lives, one student at a time. Northrise University has continued to reach out to people who are spiritually and financially in need. I will forever be Northrise.”

Today, you can invest in the future. Together, we are transforming the nation of Zambia ONE STUDENT at a time.


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