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Published: 11 June 2020

Musa Mukuka

Bachelor of Business Administration

“There were times when I was beaten down and felt like I wouldn’t pass a certain course and that ultimately I wouldn’t finish my degree and graduate. In those moments, I had to remind myself of the reasons I started my degree, the plans I had for the future, and how this degree was the bridge between where I was and where I wanted to be in the future.”

Challenged to Grow

Coming from a government college before starting at Northrise, Musa confidently says almost all components of his university life were better than he anticipated. Musa admits the most challenging aspect of his time at Northrise were the high academic standards. He struggled to find his rhythm during his first year. Yet he became more organized and focused as time went on. The advice, “work smarter, not harder” became his road map to navigate through every course. Musa states, “The person I was four years ago is not the same person I am today. Northrise amplified who I was, showed me the world, and encouraged me to go forth and conquer; the lessons learnt in my left hand and the word of God in my right.”

Musa describes his time at Northrise as spiritually nourishing. He is grateful for an environment that helped him cultivate his Christian faith. He enjoyed attending chapel and Praise and Worship Nights. Musa says, “These deliberate actions to instill Christian values in young people are very much needed at such sensitive times in young peoples’ lives. I think they should be replicated in universities across the country and globe.”

College-days’ Memories

Before Northrise, Musa describes himself as a person afraid of public speaking, uninvolved in his community, and not eager to volunteer in leadership roles. This changed over the four years at Northrise. Northrise got him out of his comfort zone and gave him opportunities to explore his skills, gifts, and talents. Musa reflected these changes in his life at home, with close friends, and at school.

Looking back on the day he started school, Musa clearly remembers telling himself that his life was about to change. But, he never fathomed to what extent it would change. He walked in hopeful for the future and today he is thankful for having taken an academic journey of a lifetime. Specifically, at a university that recognized him as an individual and cared about how he fared academically, spiritually, and socially.

“My experience has truly been memorable and I wish could re-live some moments such as

  • Meeting friends that have now become family
  • Starting the male mentorship program with my friends
  • Volunteering during IMPACT Ndola
  • Appointing as the Vice President of the First-Year Experience
  • The heartbreak of saying goodbye to my friends as they left to study at Dordt University in the U.S.
  • Becoming the President of Student Council and leading student activities on campus
  • Joining the Social Enterprise and traveling to the Netherlands
  • Volunteering as an intern in the Communications Department and later becoming a Northrise staff member
  • Completing my degree and applying for graduation

Advise for the Next Generation at Northrise

When speaking to future Northrise University students, Musa encourages them to work diligently. Explaining, nothing of great value comes easily. Northrise gives young people in Zambia an opportunity to get a valuable education acquired only through hard work and dedication.

“A university experience is what you make it. I came, I did, and I succeeded. Because Northrise made me believe there is no limit to someone who has the will to succeed and believes in God’s plan for their life. I had quite the university experience and wish I could pause time on some moments. But with everything that has a start, there surely is an end. I thank God for seeing me through, all praise and honor I give to Him. He showed me the path to take four years ago and asked me to trust in Him. I did and can testify that He has not disappointed, but delivered beyond my wildest expectations.”

We are proud of the 2020 graduates. Like Musa, they are eager to bring about change in Zambia. We get the unique opportunity to join God at work in Zambia and invest in the future of Zambia. By giving a scholarship today, you are building a bridge to a brighter tomorrow.

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