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Published: 9 July 2017

The city of Ndola is coming to recognize this week of service, sometimes called Ndola Impact or just Impact, as an exciting time of ministry. Every other year Northrise welcomes visitors from the United States on mission to serve alongside students in hosting a women’s conference, pastor’s conference, medical and dental services, and VBS for three grade‐schools, and other activities.  2017 is not unique in this agenda but it is unique in many ways.


Campus Center July 7 2017The main campus located just 7 kilometers outside of Ndola will serve as the main hub of activity this year. Previous Impact Ndola participants are familiar with Caravelle House, Northrise University’s original location, in the heart of downtown Ndola as the hub of activity along with staying at the Savoy Hotel.

This year the Women’s Conference is being hosted in the newly constructed Campus Center and the Men’s Conference will still be hosted at the Ndola Baptist Church. Impact teams will be transported to MacKenzie, Arising Life and Mapalo schools as in the past. NUCare will host the medical/dental clinic which has always been on our Main Campus.

Northrise students are honored to welcome us to their campus and new Campus Center! On Friday the University will host the first event ever in the new Campus Center Amphitheater, a worship service to celebrate all that God does in and through us during the week of Impact Ndola.

The Protea Hotel just down the highway from campus and across the street from the new soccer stadium is our host this year. The staff here has welcomed us warmly and we’ve enjoyed interacting with such guests as local and international soccer teams in town for games.


Under the direction of NUCare’s Mary Sichula and Baylor University’s Dr. Lori Spies our medical team is going to Mapalo Morning Glow Academy and Arising Life Ministries during Impact. They will do basic checkups and connect with the local clinics in those neighborhoods in addition to the care provided at NUCare and visits to the local hospitals.


After Impact Ndola 2015, under the mentoring of Jim Jordan, Northrise launched the Student Media Club. This club has been documenting campus life and events for the past two years. They have been preparing for Impact this year considering target audiences, the relationship of pictures and written stories, and anticipating what they might focus on as they serve this week. The Media Team plans to produce a daily a story here on and the University’s blog and Facebook posts with pictures and highlights.

The Media Team is also preparing an electronic storybook or newsletter with plans to share it with churches who sent their pastors, men, and women to the conferences, the Ministry of Health and other government offices that helped us prepare for Impact, our hosts at the Protea Hotel, the students, staff, and visitors who served as well, and our friends through this website and Facebook. With this preparation and intentionality the impact will continue beyond this week and far beyond those we serve face-to-face.


In 2017 we have expanded the Pastor’s Conference to engage more men in Ndola renaming it the Impact Ndola Men’s Conference. Both the Men’s and Women’s Conference have already maxed out registration filling Ndola Baptist Church and the Campus Center room capacities.


Impact Ndola typically hosts 60‐80 guests from the United States to serve alongside 60‐80 Northrise students. Over 100 students are registered to serve during Impact Ndola 2017 alongside about 100 more local volunteers including Northrise staff and alumni. We anticipate 300 volunteers serving as Northrise University during Impact Ndola 2017!


Each time we host Impact Ndola more friends of Northrise get to experience Zambia for the first time. This year there are 39 new participants! Both new and returning participants join hands and hearts with great joy as we all come together to serve as one Northrise University family giving back to the community we call home and beginning and cultivating relationships and memories that will last a lifetime.



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