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Published: 14 July 2009


childrens adoption center

On a cold Friday afternoon dated 3rd July 2009, a group of six Northrise University students made their way to a place called Childcare and Adoption Society, Ndola Transient Home. Upon arrival, the Northrise University students were given a warm welcome and directed to the Directors Office. The director at Childcare and Adoption Society, Sarah Longwe, gave the Northrise University students a download of how the Society began.

Childcare Adoption Society is the only home in the town of Ndola that is a centre for Adoption. It is also one of the oldest homes in Ndola which dates back as far as April 1995 when it attained its full registration. It is amazing to note that 500 children have passed through the home ever since it’s opening. Aunt Sarah, as the little children know her, looks after 23 children in total. However there are 9 other mothers who help her take care of the little ones. The children include single and double orphans, children whose parents are in prison and children who were dumped by their mothers. These children are given a temporal home until the society helps them find a permanent one. In their temporal home, they are fed with a balanced diet and are also taught how to read and write. Apart from that the children also have a play ground where they spend their recreation time. For one to adopt a child, they need to meet certain requirements that assure a home of love and support for the child’s needs. A relationship also needs to be established before they give the child away. Even after adoption, a regular check is done by the adoption Society to ensure that the child is in safe hands.

The Northrise University students went to meet the little ones and also played with them. The children’s eyes had a glimmer of hope. They knew and were assured that there are people out there who care and feel for them. The students then presented the basic necessities they had brought for the children which included books and snacks. They also left them with a prayer.

Being a Nothrise University student is not about academics alone but also giving back to the community selflessly. It is also about inspiring the person next to you. For the Northrise students, it was an experience they will never forget because they left the little ones with hope for tomorrow. People at Northrise University who have a big heart for others made this trip possible. The NU students hope to return to the Adoption Society to visit the children again.

By Chibozu Maambo


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