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Published: 7 October 2011

by Getrude Mashano


It was there in the lounge of our family clinic, as I sat waiting on my father to get his check-up for his latest heart attack scare that I picked up one of my favorites; National Geographic magazine, and flicked through – simply passing time. But amidst the pages there it was, an article by Brian Walsh – Denmark Wind of Change (March 9, 2009) – on how Denmark years ago did the very thing Mr. Chilufya (NU Business Lecturer) taught us in Economics; how to shift a country’s production possibility curve outward; investing in industry and research into future innovations. It seemed they chose wisely; they picked an innovation that was environmentally conscious.

Its now a few weeks into the declaration of a new president, let alone a new party. Will they have the patience, the foresight, and the humility to make decisions that better the people of our country, perhaps not for today but for the generations to come? My parents made decisions in their lives that affect me today – my education, a result of their sacrifice; my home, a result of their patience; my etiquette, a result of their guidance. These decisions have been for my benefit…

Will Zambia now begin to lay the foundations for a better future and finally apply itself?

“Ukutangila tekufika” (leading does not ensure you get there first…) for surely our delay in development puts us in the right position for this Bemba proverb, here we are in the right place at the right time to make the right change. The question is, will we?

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