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Published: 17 June 2010


main_picName: Brian Chipasha
Program: Bachelor of  Business Administration (BBA).
Level: Third Year student

Before I came to Northrise University (NU) I was studying for my Diploma in Community Development. When I completed my program, I thought it was time to join Northrise University. I had always desired to be at Northrise University because a lot of people recommended it to me praising the quality education it offers and the Christian values it is deeply rooted in. In 2008, my dream became a reality.

In the three years at Northrise, I have gained substantial business knowledge, with which, I’m confident of adding value to my family, our nation and the world. The empowerment from NU is life itself because; beyond the career I’m being shaped for, my spiritual life is being enriched. Every Monday morning, I’m privileged to sit down in chapel and hear the Word of God. Through that, I have learnt how to relate with other people and I now have the confidence to share the salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ with others.

Continuing with my education would have been very difficult but thanks to NU for the wonderful Financial Aid Program. The program is aimed at rendering financial assistance to students for part of their tuition. In addition, the lunch offered at NU is heavily subsidized enabling me to afford a meal everyday when I’m in school.

The team at Northrise is just great; I mean they meet my needs, spiritually, academically and financially. With such a team, I know that I will be able to attain my life’s main goal, which is, to get a PhD in Business Administration with a major in International Economics. That way I can become an international business management specialist and bring about the change I so desire in my society.

by Godfrey Mpala


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