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Published: 10 October 2009



It is that magical time of the year again; the Festive Season with Christmas just around the corner. Northrise University’s academic year has come to an end. After months of study and hard work, students finally have a chance to take the longest holiday in the University calendar (school closes from 27th November to 18th January 2010).

Certainly, this holiday is the most exciting as it is the season of sharing. Many people around the world take time off of their busy schedules and do something out of the ordinary. Some take the opportunity to tour other countries and see the magnificent scenery. Others enjoy it better without the hassles of travel. I wondered what Northrise students will be up to and out of interest, I decided to interview some. Here is what they had to say:

I will be home for most of the holiday. I am really looking forward to this years’ Christmas by Candlelight at my church. This is an interesting program that encompasses the story of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the singing of Christmas Carols over candlelight, as well as laughter and joy. I know most churches have this program  every year.”  –  Kalelwa chilombo (1st year student)

“Am planning to work a little to raise money for school next term. But otherwise it will be a long break from school with a lot of rest.” – Christopher Mutanuka (1st year student)

Other students plan on doing a lot of visiting with friends, cousins, grandparents and all they missed during school terms. Staff members also have plans of visiting relatives and their home lands (villages). However, the most popular response from students was that they’d be spending Christmas with family, especially those that come from out of town and couldn’t wait to go back home.

As Northrise Students, Staff and Faculty, we wish you all a good Christmas. Let Jesus be the reason for the season and remember to spend it with your loved ones. Thank you for your commitment and love towards Northrise University. We’ve seen a good year go by with your love and support and for that we appreciate and shout, “MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!” Both to you and your families…

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by Mwape Chilombo


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