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Published: 29 October 2009



It is an established fact that the best resource of a nation is its people; people who believe in change, who try harder each day, who love their country too much… Yet, without education, such people are inadequate agents of change.

A great African leader, Nelson Mandela, puts it this way – education is a powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world. In principle, university education is perhaps the most crucial in the development of people resource.

Zambia, like many other countries in Africa, greatly appreciates these facts, however, university education is a rare privilege for a lucky few. For some, it is the lack of opportunity; for others, it’s of prime concern to earn an income and sustain one’s family than spend years studying. But for most, it is the lack of finances to enroll, let alone complete.

Today, a new sense of hope to attain university education permeates the atmosphere of a town called Ndola, filled with individuals of beautiful smiles. Northrise University has not only opened a way for many to gain an education to help alleviate poverty in their communities. Through sponsorships, it has also sustained the dreams of students who otherwise may not have been able to continue with their education due to lack of financial resources.

Our graduates are a thousand miles ahead of where they were when they first walked through the doors of Northrise. Their experience was of both an intellectual and a moral education. Most importantly this education has become the practice of freedom, the means by which they can deal critically and creatively with reality and discover how to participate in the development of their beloved country.

The generosity of you our partners, sponsors, friends and families is far beyond comprehension and we all know for a fact that a thank you will never be enough. Nonetheless, thank you for making a great investment in the lives of people you may have or may never meet. Your single loving action towards us greatly outweighs all the beautiful sentiments in the world. Our lives are a whole lot better, our smiles are brighter and our stories are worth an ear. Know that one life has breathed easier because you lived…

by Agness Nshindano


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