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Published: 17 September 2010



Every time a new term begins, it gives students a chance to have a fresh start academically. This is owed to the fact that regardless of how one performed last time, they can put in their very best to boost their grade point average GPA. As the saying goes, ‘change is good.’

Northrise University has this term made changes that will benefit the student even more academically. To start with, an internet café has been established which will help students do their research more efficiently at a minimal fee. Apart from this, the library has been endowed with more computers. What does this mean for the student? Students can now type their assignment without necessarily having to wait for allocated lab time at their own pace. The number of students that can utilize the library has also increased because more study space has been created thanks to the change.

Could there be any better way to boost one’s grades than provision of the needful resources? Certainly not, Northrise University has given the student a giant leap academically through these changes. It is indeed a new beginning with beautiful changes.

by Chibozu Maambo


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