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Published: 11 September 2018



In the quest to increase our footprint, NU has been working closely with corporate, government, and nonprofit organizations. We cultivate these partnerships to leverage our reach and impact in advancing excellence in academics.

One such relationship is Family Legacy. Family Legacy (FL) exists to transform families and individuals by engaging them with God’s heart for the orphans of Zambia. FL is always looking for people to join them in bringing hope to children and Northrise is one such partner.

The Family Legacy and Northrise relationship has provided an opportunity to recruit and train Zambian scholars in a Godly environment. With similar core values, FL high school graduates experience a seamless transition at NU. These students can further their training without any major cultural shock. This has made NU a great ally to FL, building on the Godly foundation established at FL.

At Northrise we empower our students with in-demand industry skills in an environment that spurs spiritual and intellectual growth. We consider ourselves as members of a relay team. To finish well, one must pass the baton to a team member who is similarly excited and motivated about the competition. NU and FL are such a team.

From 2014 to now

This journey commenced about five years ago when NU enrolled the first three students from FL – Rabecca, Weston, and Anastasia. Rabecca and Weston graduated this year. Now Anastasia is currently working on her final research project and is due to graduate in 2019. Both Weston and Rabecca graduated with a  Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.

Anastasia has been pursuing a degree in Human Resources and her prayer is that she can have an opportunity to work at Family Legacy in the HR department. (Read Anastasia’s Story Here)

This relationship also provides an opportunity for NU students to serve alongside American guests of FL, providing love and care to residents of Lusaka during CAMP. (CAMP is a FL ministry that is very similar to Impact Ndola.)

The synergy between NU and FL has strengthened both institutions. This collaboration greatly benefits young men and women in Zambia. By working together, both institutions have been able to accomplish more for Zambia and the impact has been far-reaching. FL provides a solid foundation and NU reinforces the values imparted by FL while providing a high quality, Christ-centered education. At present, five FL sponsored students are pursuing their degrees at NU. Together, we are empowering the people of Zambia, one student at a time.

Article Provided By the NU Office of Strategic Partnerships


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