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The Northrise University School of Nursing seeks to train medical professionals that will have a steadfast commitment to increasing the health and wellbeing of our community.

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The School of Nursing has been developed to offer a BScN that will produce a graduate general registered nurse with competencies that will equip her/him with the ability to provide comprehensive nursing care to individuals, groups, families, and communities. The program takes into account the social, cultural, and spiritual diversity of the population being served and focuses not only on students acquiring knowledge, skill, and appropriate attitudes but also on enabling graduated nurses to apply and promote evidence-based practices from nursing research and health-related fields as they become responsive to emerging healthcare needs.

Undergraduate Programs

BScN Program Overview

The competency-based BScN at NU has been developed to produce a graduate general registered nurse whose competencies will enable her/him to provide comprehensive quality nursing care to individuals, groups, families and communities taking into account the social, cultural, and spiritual diversity of the population being served. The programme focuses not only on acquisition of knowledge, skill, and appropriate attitudes but also to enable graduates to apply and promote evidence-based practice from nursing research and related health fields. In order to do this, the programme has been designed to prepare a lifelong learner with critical thinking and analytical skills so as to be responsive to the changing health care needs. The graduate registered nurse should be an independent thinker with the ability to function with minimal supervision and take a transformative leadership role in nursing practice to foster quality care.

BScN Program Objectives

Graduates of this program will be able to do the following, in each of the following competency areas:

  1. Clinical Practice:
    • Provide comprehensive, culturally acceptable, evidence-based nursing care to individuals, groups, families, and communities in health facilities and in the community.
    • Apply critical thinking skills in provision of comprehensive quality nursing care.
    • Perform nursing procedures correctly and appropriately.
    • Use the nursing process to assess the healthcare needs of the individual, families, and communities and use research evidence and planning and management tools provide care.
    • Document and maintain appropriate clinical records.
    • Communicate effectively with patients, family, and members of the multidisciplinary team for the benefit of patients.
    • Conduct health promotion activities.
  2. Leadership and Management:
    • Take a leadership role in planning, managing, monitoring, implementing, and evaluation of individual and community health and nursing care.
    • Plan, organize, coordinate, and control nursing care services in a variety of settings
    • Participate actively in the promotion of nursing education and practice nationally and internationally.
    • Participate actively in professional organizations for the improvement of the nursing profession.
  3. Patient, Family and Community Education:
    • Facilitate learning activities in nursing and in the community through community education.
    • Able to transfer knowledge, skills, and attitudes appropriately to patients and families
    • Develop and manage nursing and community education programs.
    • Carry out actions, which promote health and prevent the occurrence of health problems in individuals, families, and communities.
    • Utilize information communication technologies in education, practice, administration, and research.

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