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Northrise University offers several convenient and flexible study options. Choose one that best fits your schedule, study goals, and personal, work or other life demands and get started today!

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Whether you’re returning to study, preparing for a career change or for professional development, or perhaps taking the first steps toward your degree, having the opportunity to choose how you will study empowers you to be in-control of your educational journey. Consider our flexible study options and choose one that best fits your schedule, study goals, and personal, work or other life demands.

Center for Professional Studies (CPS)

Evening Classes: Tailored for busy & working adults/professionals

This study option gives you the flexibility of studying while being able to work full time and still have quality family time. Having understood that not everyone can put their job on hold while pursuing a degree, this study option is flexible and convenient with modules designed around busy and working professionals. By attending classes in the evening once and at most twice a week from 17:30 to 20:30, you can earn your degree while living a normal life.

Enroll today under the Center for Professional Studies and enjoy the rewards of this study option; an educational investment with real returns!!

DAY Studies – Daytime Classes

Tailored for high school graduates and individuals with less demanding schedules

The DAY study option allows you to fully dedicate your time into pursuing that desired degree. DAY students attend classes nearly every day of the week in addition to engaging in various academic and non-academic activities such as research, self study, participating in learning teams, attending tutorials, making presentation, participating in service learning and socializing.

Enroll today into any of our DAY programs to gain a reputable academic qualification which will enable you to reach your goals and further your career

Distance e-Learning Studies (DEL) – Online & Distance Learning

Tailored for distant, busy & working adults/professionals

If both DAY and CPS are not workable options for you, consider Distance e-Learning. Our Distance e-Learning program is an integration of electronic or online learning and distance learning.

To facilitate electronic learning, we use an online classroom platform for classroom participation (discussions) and assignment submission.

Students can be anywhere in the world and still be eligible to participate in our online classes. In addition, our Distance e-learners participate in mandatory Residential School for Orientation (only at the beginning of the program), Course Reviews and Exam (twice a year – June and December)

Distance or a demanding schedule should not hinder you from getting the best value out of your educational investment. Enroll now onto our distance e-Learning programs to lay hold of that desired qualification.

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