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Published: 14 November 2019

The 2019 Cultural Night was a memorable event. Themed “All about Africa”, it brought out various African Cultures through dance, drama, music and African fashion runway to display striking African clothing and accessories.

The event had groups of Northrise University students representing the cultural practices of Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa and of course our beloved mother Zambia.

The group representing Kenya displayed the Masai people’s tradition called the Adumu. In this tradition, the young warriors jump high and it is said that whoever jumps the highest is given the highest warrior tag and also the prettiest bride. The Nigerian group beautifully displayed the Nigeria traditional wedding called Igbankwu, which translates as Wine carrying. This is because it involves the bride carrying a cup of palm wine to her groom.

On the other hand, the Egyptian group depicted how a Pharaoh came to power. They did this through a depiction of wars and invasions that a kingdom would suffer before a new ruler came to power. The South African group depicted the reign of King Shaka and the Zambian team displayed the social life of the Zambian culture through drama, dance and songs.

Many of the attendees – staff and students inclusive – thought that the event was entertaining and very dramatic. Others thought that there are so many cultural aspects that could have been portrayed such as the daily life of an African in the olden days in comparison to the cultural norms of modern-day Africa. Still, others thought that more research on the various countries’ cultural practices could have been done to educate the crowd in unknown aspects.

The concluding activity of the event was a runway show that displayed African outfits representing the various countries whose cultural practices were displayed. It was an amazing event that gave everyone a chance to embrace the African Culture and rediscover cultural backgrounds.

Learning culture plays a huge role in learning to live with people from other backgrounds, and this can only happen by recognizing who you are, where you come from, embrace your culture, and embrace your roots!!!


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