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Published: 15 April 2024

Celebrating 20 Years of Northrise Excellence: A Testament to Impactful Education


As Northrise University commemorates two decades of academic brilliance, alumni like Prinnie Kaoma Chikulu stand as living testaments to the institution’s enduring legacy. Graduating in 2022 with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Prinnie’s journey from Northrise to her current role as a private banker at Zanaco Bank in Ndola echoes the profound influence of her alma mater.

Reflecting on her time at Northrise, Prinnie recalls the dynamic learning environment that not only challenged her intellectually but also shaped her character. “My experience at Northrise University was exciting, challenging, and profound,” she reminisces. “It expanded my thinking and grounded me, which has been invaluable in my career.”

The nurturing Christian community at Northrise provided Prinnie with the support and guidance she needed during a challenging period in her life. Interacting with peers and faculty from diverse backgrounds enriched her perspective and equipped her with essential skills for the professional world. “The mentoring and coaching I received from Northrise helped me stand out,” she acknowledges.

Prinnie’s journey post-graduation has been marked by a commitment to giving back and empowering others. Leveraging her expertise, she mentors young professionals at Zanaco, imparting knowledge and insights gleaned from her Northrise education. Additionally, she actively engages in financial literacy initiatives within her church, empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their futures.

Yet, Prinnie’s dedication extends beyond her immediate sphere of influence. Recognizing the importance of financial assistance in facilitating access to education, she advocates for continued support for Northrise University. “Our learned population in Zambia is low, and financial aid can make a world of difference for those aspiring to higher education,” she emphasizes.

As Northrise University enters its third decade, Prinnie urges the community to uphold its values and commitment to excellence. “Let us continue doing the good work that we have been doing,” she urges, “and embody the values of Christianity in our interactions with others.”

In closing, Prinnie extends her heartfelt congratulations on Northrise’s 20th anniversary, a milestone that celebrates not just academic achievement but also the transformative power of education. “Happy 20 years of Northrise excellence,” she exclaims, echoing the sentiments of countless alumni whose lives have been forever changed by their Northrise experience.



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