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Published: 11 July 2019


Today we got to see a mother of many Joyce Chimbila on our visit to Arising Life Ministries. Welcoming and jovial as always, she gave us a tour of the amazing new location in Kaloko Township. Her mission and vision to educate children who are less fortunate has come a long way looking at the progress made at the new location, a 4 hectare piece of land acquired in 2012.

She talked about the various projects the school is running, “We are currently running a number of projects to help run the schools feeding program and other school processes. The idea is to bring about a level of self-sustainability. She stated. “We have a block making machine and a concrete mixer for block making and we sell the blocks as well as use them for our building projects. We also have pigs, cattle and goats that we sell as well as consume in the school’s feeding program.” The school also has a vegetables garden that generates Revenue for the school by supplying the surrounding community.

The funds generated through all these projects are ploughed back into the school and this has helped its growth. Arising Life ministries enrolls orphaned children as well as children coming from families that cannot afford an education for their children. Mrs. Chimbila’s work in these communities is truly impactful and admirable and she shows this through her hard work and her embracing nature. These seeds of kindness that she continues to plant will definitely create an endless ripple. She truly is a mother of many.

Evangelism team

While at ALMS, we got to meet the evangelism team as they prayed. One thing we took from their service is that one needs to turn their mess into a life changing message.

The “Green House” team

The green house team got down in dirt today as they continued to work on the green house at the Northrise farms. The green house will provide a controlled growing environment all year round. Vegetable grown will supply the University and the surrounding community.

Written by Agness Kaoma
Photo credits: Chisha Simpokolwe, Mwelwa Kataya, Nelson Ngoma, Liseli Mushota, Joseph Lusumpa, Taonga Sakala, Chazya Sinkamba, 


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