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Published: 20 July 2010


Arising Life Minitries for ophaned and vulnerable children counselling and empowerment centre  was opened on 2nd July 2009 and has since been under Northrise University (NU) outreach. Mrs. Joyce Chimbila, a Northrise University student runs this centre.

As part of its mission, the center cares for up to thirty-five (35) children. It provides them with basic education beginning at first grade to seventh grade. Most of these children are orphans coming from homes that live on less than a dollar a day. Upon receiving this basic education, these children are able to read, write and communicate using English. For those that perform well, the center  tries to place them in high school and offer financial support in any way possible.

Through various projects, the centre has made tremendous strides in improving the premises, making it more habitable and comfortable for these children. A recent project that has added value to both the center and the local community is sinking of a borehole. This borehole was sunk by Seeds of Hope to ease the problem of water supply.  A wall fence is also being erected to improve security of the premises.

The joys of Mrs. Chimbila were visible as she showcased the new holders for the florescent lighting to the centre and the complete rooms, notably the kitchen, which only has the electrical connection and a stove left.


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