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Published: 26 May 2009



Monday the 11th was the first day of school for the 2nd term at Northrise University. Most of the students seem eager to be in school as they interact with friends and talk about their break, and also mention their regret of having rested two weeks only. Most of them look prepared with bags, books and pens as they got over this term’s course time table on the notice board.

With Northrise University, back to school means back to business. Lectures started as soon as school reopened. We, the first year students, however, began our classes two days later which meant we had some time to get settled, interact with the new students (yes! Northrise received about 15 new students) and plan for term 2. One of the new students, Jemimah Mbokoshi, studying Bachelor of Business Administration, says “it is no surprise! I just came in this term and I have already been incorporated into the system. The lectures are easy to understand.” With a smile she adds “…well… as for Algebra, the lecturer is a little fast for me but I hope to catch up as we move on.”

Another first year student Chris Muleya studying Bachelor of Information Technology says this about our first English Literature class on Friday, “I like the lecture. The students are also very friendly and helpful!” The class tended to have a serious atmosphere every now and then. Other moments, however, were not as tense since Literature, I feel, is a subject that should be taught with actions. Our lecturer, Mrs. Jacqueline Katanga portrayed jus that during the lecture. At one point, her face tightened as her lips pressed hard together trying to dramatize an angry mood. And as she tried to illustrate a bright and ecstatic moment, her face brightened in a smile. I found her illustrations dramatic and easy to understand. And I expect more from the course by the end of 12 weeks.

by Enock Misebo


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