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Published: 28 December 2010


Basic health care is everyone’s right and very essential to well-being – yet in developing countries, it is but a privilege. While targeted health policies and programs have enabled slight improvements in public health access and care, significant disparities remain. Countries like Zambia with limited access to education and employment, increasing poverty levels and illiteracy rates among other problems, find considerable health improvements a harder goal to attain.

Certainly, there are decisive ties between health and development. Without good health, a nation is robed of productivity. Students cannot attend classes, workers cannot report to work, policies cannot be made, programs cannot be implemented, and governments cannot be run… In fact, the solution to some of the problems faced by most developing countries strongly lies in curbing the health care problem.

To help give its students and staff the right to basic health care, Northrise University recently broke ground for a clinic to be called NUCare! Thor Development, a construction company in Zambia was awarded the contract and has since begun works. NUCare! will offer basic health care for Northrise University students, staff and the surrounding community. Having a health center on Campus means peace of mind… Peace of mind for the parents; being able to send their child to a university without over worrying when their child is sick. Peace of mind for students; being able to enjoy learning without the stress of how to access health care. Peace of mind for faculty and staff; being able to work with joy knowing that when they or their family member is unwell, care is available. Peace of mind for the community; it comforting to know that at last a clinic is within reach. Most importantly a peace of mind for Northrise University; knowing that it can offer basic health care, turning it from a privilege to a right because a healthy student is a healthy community; a healthy community is a healthy Zambia.


by Agness Nshindano


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