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Published: 22 August 2017


The time between high school graduation and university enrollment is filled with excitement and anticipation for almost every incoming first year student. It’s also a time filled with questions and anxiety. At Northrise, it’s a journey filled with thrill and joy.

This semester began with an enthusiastic horde of first year students walking through the Northrise University entrance with great anticipation as Cynthia Chipili one of the freshman studying law said, “Whether it’s the first day of nursery school or university, starting at a new school is both exciting and a little scary for everyone.” Like every other first day in a semester, the first day was very thrilling because of the new addition to the Northrise family, 64 new freshman.

First week began with a number of activities ranging from the campus tour to orientation. Students living at the university boarding house where guided to the boarding facility and oriented on a few house rules. Academic orientation led by the head of Admissions and recruitment Mrs. Agness Nshindano was carried out. Different members of staff presented on different issues that are vital to the life of a student at NU. System orientation was done to help students get acquainted with the different systems they will interact with during their academic journey at NU. Week one ended with a great Orientation Closure Event which involved Interaction of all Staff and Students.

The commencement of the second week involved an introductory seminar to University life which helped enlighten and equip every NU student with the right tools for student success at NU. Art-Night was organized as a Welcome Event by the NU Student Council for the first year students. It was an equivalent of what most universities call the “Freshers fair”. Students got together to chit chat and do different art activities. It was a brilliant way for students to meet and discover other students with similar interests.

To sum it all up, the first few weeks of this semester have been a journey filled with questions and answers, new people, new stories but, most of all a time filled with discovery, determination and inspiration for the new students.

Written by Asifiwe Banda


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