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Published: 10 February 2021

Laptops are being charged and backpacks are being packed, which can only mean one thing, a new semester is beginning at Northrise University! We thank God for the opportunity to welcome new and returning students. We invite you to join us on a virtual prayer walk of the Northrise campus. Let’s start at the dorms.


Student Dorms

Pray for students moving into the dorms and for vibrant student life on campus. Our new dorm expands on-campus housing to 120 more students!




Faculty Housing

Pray for our faculty and staff as they prepare to teach in-person and online classes. Construction begins this year on another Faculty Duplex, pray for future faculty members who will join the Northrise family as we continue to grow and expand our impact.

NUCare and Alumni House

Pray for the health and protection of our students, faculty, and staff. Northrise University meets weekly with Zambia’s Ministry of Health to monitor the Covid-19 situation and keep current with health and safety standards.

Pray for our alumni. May they continue to lead well in their fields and give back to their communities. The Alumni

House, pictured below, top-right across the lane from NUCare and featuring 6 guest rooms, will finish construction this year.


Pray for the future leaders of Zambia. May all students leave Northrise stronger in their faith and equipped to lead with love and integrity. We celebrate with our Nursing students as they move into the new Classroom building, pictured top-left, this semester with state of the art simulation laboratories.

Campus Center

Pray that hearts are transformed through the Word during Chapel. Pray for the Worship band and speakers. Pray also for Dr. Moffat and Mrs. Doreen Zimba and the faculty they are leading forward with the vision to transform Zambia ONE STUDENT at a time.

Let them know you care

We invite you to share your hope and inspiration with the students directly by replying to this email. Let them know you’re going on this prayer walk and are in their corner through all the challenges and opportunities ahead.

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