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Published: 9 November 2021

Congratulation to Kabwe Chongo Kamina, a Northrise University (NU) Law graduate for her admission to the Bar. Kabwe admits that this process was challenging but certainly worth the while. Being among 257 newest advocates in Zambia, the journey has taught her many valuable lessons. Kabwe says

“Northrise certainly imprinted the importance of relationships on me…as personal as the journey is, you always need partners to get through it.”

Here are her answers to the specific questions we asked.
Q1. |  How do you feel about this achievement?
I feel great. It was definitely a challenge and getting here feels like it was all worth it.

Q2. |  What specific lessons have you learnt in the process?
I’ve learned a few things and the first is that comparison helps no one. Collaboration will take you a lot farther than comparison ever will. The second thing I have learned is that there is no shame in not knowing and asking for help. Every expert was also clueless at some point. The last thing I have learned is that clarity comes with the process. Things are not always clear at the beginning of a journey but it all makes sense in the end.

Q3. |  How has the Northrise education impacted your career journey?
Northrise certainly imprinted the importance of relationships on me. I have carried that with me throughout my journey outside. How you treat people and the types of relationships you form have a very large effect on where you find yourself and I’m grateful that Northrise taught me that.

Q4. |  What would be your advice to undergraduate law students who dream of making the bar?
Whatever rumors they have heard are only as true as they make them. ZIALE and ultimately, life beyond the bar exam (passed or not) is a very personal journey. If you’re afraid, then do it while afraid. The only thing that stands between you and getting to the bar is yourself. People will always have opinions and that should never deter you.

Q5. |  Are there any specific lessons you learned at Northrise that aided your success?
Like I said before, Northrise taught me the importance of forming lasting relationships. This helped me find study partners, people that I could take this journey with, and people that I could talk to and vent to when things got hard. As personal as the journey is, you always need partners to get through it.

Q6. |  Would you consider the NU education as the right foundation and if so, why? If not, why?
I am certainly grateful that I chose Northrise to get my Law Degree, I don’t think any other place would have worked for me. The experience I had, as well as the relationships I formed there, have left a long-lasting impact on who I am today


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