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Published: 12 July 2019


“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them”, Mathew 18 vs 20.  Two years in planning, volunteers from near and far converged upon Ndola in the name of God for 5 days to serve in different ministries to the best of their abilities. Today, Ndola, Zambia and Africa celebrates our service, because with each rising African sun, we woke up with a mandate to make the world a better place for even one person encountered and this was a goal set and achieved by many. We may never again see the people we served or the fruits of our service to them, but rest assured, every smile and wave given even in slightest way Impacted their Lives in ways we may never comprehend. So Thank you, Gracias, Twatotela and Dzikomo, to all the participants of Impact Ndola 2019 who took time off their daily life routines to spread love to the communities of Ndola, indeed God has been with us.

Mwamba – security 

“Impact is sharing and helping someone in need. It has increased my faith and I have decided to become a student at Northrise University with BFA. I would like to be a participant of the men’s conference to preach next time. It would be nice if more churches in the twapia area were visited, and would be nice if the government can come in with transportation”

Richard – Maintenance 

“This is my 2nd IMPACT, I think it has gone well. I appreciate the help rendered by the volunteers both from Outside and within to the ones that needed it at the centres visited. The workmanship, unity has been nice. I hope the volunteers from the USA enjoyed the peace and security in Zambia, and appreciate the faith of the local volunteers”

Gibson and Kayuma 

“Our job is to control the sound at the women’s conference and the Friday worship service. We have met many people and learnt a lot during this IMPACT.  Even though we do technical work all the time, this is a new experience. It has been great.  ”

Victor – Kitchen

“It has been an amazing experience, I have met a lot of new people. I like the unity from everyone in the team. “

Wezi – Kitchen 

“This experience has allowed me to learn to relate with people of other cultures. I like how people have gone out of their way, leaving their families and sparing time to serve the community sacrificially.

I hope to put into practice what I have learnt from this experience”

John LLB yr4 – Dental team 

“Firstly, I have gained so much knowledge. This is not my first impact however each impact I learn new things. Through this experience, I can teach my community on how best to brush their teeth and keep them white and shining. “

Dr. Parkins – Dental team 

“My main job is to get people out of pain, however, there is so much to be done. With that said, I feel bad that I cannot help everyone. It’s my fourth time and each time I feel the same pain that not everyone can get the help. I want to show my God that am learning patience, I pray for the mercy of God over his people and NU care.”

Kedwin – Dental patient

“I have learned that not all foods and drinks are good for my teeth. Am so grateful for the free services. NU care has brightened my smile.”

Kelly – Command Centre 

“Two things I want to leave behind is; the spirit of teamwork and a shared purpose. And two things am taking with me is friendship and good relationships.”

Charlie – Board of Regents member 

“We have met our objectives. This experience always enlightens me and gives me courage. Even though we can’t help everyone, we need to reach as many people as we can with Northrise. We are blessed to have the amount of help we have to run this project. ”

Barney – Board of Regents member 

“My first IMPACT, this is an eye opener. “

Natasha BBA yr. 3 – Worship team

“IMPACT has impacted in a way that I have grown spiritually, while serving in the women’s conference in worship. It was a privilege to see God work while I served. My expectation was to serve in light roles such as singing in the worship team, ushering and serving refreshments, but it was far more involving. I learnt a lot in the preaching and the small group meetings. From the ladies’ testimonies, I learnt God is still God and he is still working. It’s nice that we had people visit us all the way from America, to come and serve is amazing. It has been awesome”

Worship time

The soft sun just before the sunset, and the warm friendly chatter amongst the gathered in the Northrise university amphitheatre set the tone for the worship service set to mark the conclusion of IMPACT Ndola 2019. The worship team warming up their voices singing a vernacular hymn of praise to God.

The program opened officially with a prayer by Anne, praying blessings for everyone that participated and safe travels for those returning to America.

The songs were punctuated by a spoken word piece by a staff member about God’s love.

“What manner of love that people lay aside time to come and serve” Mr Sikobela

Testimonies where heard from the various teams.  Most were really were a testimony about how people discovered something they didn’t know prior to IMPACT. Some got emotional and testified to their faith being enriched.

God’s love seemed to be the theme for the worship time, how His great love accepts the sinner that repents, expressed in a Nyanja song that the American volunteers were taught on the spot.  Followed by a local dance. The scenes were marvellous in the setting sun, the dance morphed into a chimwemwe dance, then into a freestyle dance.

Written by Musa Mukuka, Chazya Sinkamba, Bwale Kabwe, Cynthia Chipili
Photo credits: Dave Cheatham and Tony Elliott


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