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Published: 13 July 2017


It’s the third day of Impact Ndola 2017. The excitement continues to flow at Arising Life Ministries headed by Northrise students and friends. The children continue to enjoy creative activities such as making thank you cards out of plain papers, singing, and learning a few exercise moves that can keep their bodies warm especially that it’s a cold season.

Elenor Mwakabangwa a grade 5 pupil at ALMS said; “she has been motivated to learn new things every day, she further said that she can’t keep what she has learnt to herself; she just feels compelled to spread the news to her friends on how amazing school is”.

Foster Mwape a grade 6 pupil at ALMS narrated that she had learnt a lot of things both from bible stories and creative activities.  She said she had learnt how to make cards from plain papers; she continued to say she was very inspired and grateful because she now has a clear picture on the importance of education. As she continued to decorate her thank you card she said she was not the only one benefiting from the arts she had learnt but also her sisters as she was planning to share what’s she had learnt.

Godfrey Sivota a grade 6 pupil at ALMS said he had learnt so many things, such as the importance of prayer and how much God loves him, he continued to say that he is looking forward to going to church this coming Sunday and he is encouraged to build his faith.

Rebecca Chikonda a 4th year student at Northrise university said she was happy to be a part of impact Ndola because she has a passion for  building the community, she has also learnt a lot from the children and she’s always happy whenever she makes children smile.

Kimberley Arneson a friend of Northrise University said her main goal is to show the love of Jesus to everyone through actions and words, playing with the children and reminding them that God made them special and has a good plan for their lives is something that is important to do. She further stated that impacting the children, is all pure joy for her .

Mrs. Joyce Chimbila founder of ALMS showed appreciation by saying; the love and joy that is being imparted in the children is very uplifting because it has given the children a new world view and exposure which has impacted them in many ways. Indeed we’re changing the nation through impact.

Written by Mando Ngosa


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