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Published: 1 June 2016

Chibuye Nkhoma 2We caught up with Chibuye Nkhoma, one of the 2016 graduands, to find out how she is feeling about graduating, what she has been up to since completing her studies last year and how she is planning to use her Northrise degree. After the first week of June 2016, Chibuye will be a proud holder of the Northrise Bachelor of Information Technology in Database Technologies degree. Below is the interview NU had with Chibuye.
NU: How much are you looking forward to your graduation?
Chibuye: I am looking forward to my graduation very much, I actually can’t wait.
NU: What does graduating mean for you?
Chibuye: It’s a very big moment for me because it’s the day I get what I have achieved in my four years of study and I get to think about the way forward with what I have achieved.
NU: What have you been up to since completing your studies at NU?
Chibuye: I have been doing some revision and working really hard at my internship at the Ministry of Health.
NU: What are some of your immediate and long term plans after graduating?
Chibuye: I would like to find paid work and sponsor myself for further studies immediately.
NU: What are some of the values the NU education has imparted in you?
Chibuye: Leadership, friendship and Christian values.
NU: What is your view of having had a Christ-centered education?
Chibuye: It was helpful in situations where you feel like backsliding; you listen to the word of God and wonderful worship songs in Chapel that it brings you back to the feet of God.
NU: How did having access to Financial Aid help towards achieving your goals?
Chibuye: It helped in assisting my sponsors pay less as per percentage given with financial aid.
NU: How much of an impact do you see your degree having on yourself, your family and the industry in Zambia?
Chibuye: It will change my life, my family and Zambia at large (Zambia because I am faithful, reliable and a collected worker who always looks at the best at work).


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