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Published: 17 May 2012


People would normally ask me where I am these days because am not seen around as much. I tell them I am at Northrise University, and they would always be like “Ohh! Northrise University… ummm… excuse me, where exactly is that? And I would respond saying “in Ndola”. After a second they remember and say “oh yes, Northrise in Ndola right?” And I am like… “Yes!” while in the back of my head am thinking, I just told you that and now you’re trying to act like am the one asking you about Northrise.

“So how is that place like?” “How is the lecturing, the standards of the school?” “Do you enjoy being there?” My usual answers are: “I find the environment very pleasing, clean and comfortable; I have no health concerns. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming to the students, ideal for studies, group discussions and interaction with other scholars.” “I like the lectures; they are awesome!” The library is well stocked with a wide range of books to choose from.

“So, are the students good and do you benefit from your interactions? “
“Well, they are good students who learn in a state of the art environment.” I tell them this because Northrise introduces students to new technologies in terms of studies, exams and any academic activity needed by a student. This greatly prepares us for leadership in the technology-based society.

“And what about your grading system?”
“Well, we use the GPA system but why don’t you come and learn more from Northrise.” I prefer not to go in details about the GPA just because I would confuse them, instead I encourage them to come and learn more about the school in person and the good education it has to offer.
And at times am asked “do you see yourself completing in four years at Northrise University?”

My response is… guess…
“Ha! Of course I will!” for God is always with me and will see me through.
“Well, my man thanks huh!” “I will come around.” And the conversation ends with me saying “you’re welcome, see you around”.

By Dumisani Phiri


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