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Published: 10 July 2013

Day Five of Impact Ndola 2013.
The day got underway at 8:15 a.m. with singing and prayer led by Moffat and then a chapel message by Pastor Peter DeCourcy from Kindred Community Church on Psalm 23:1 focusing on the ways in which the Lord is our shepherd.

Impact Ndola 2013: Day 5 Chapel

Women’s Conference Team – Each session of the Women’s Conference starts with worship. Today’s teaching was led by Doreen Zimba and Debbie Stroupe. Following the teaching the women get into small groups and a discussion of the lesson is led  by one Zambian woman leader and a woman from the Impact team.

Day 05 2 Women's Conference201307 crop 09_2828

Vacation Bible School Team – Mackenzie Impact Ndola has three separate Vacation Bible School Sites. This is Mackenzie School site. Norleen Pavlovich and a Northrise student Wanga Katimba team up to work with these students.

Day 05 4 MackenzieCROP 20130709_2958

 Vacation Bible School Team – Arising Life 
Day 05 5 Arising Life CROP 20130709_3332

Street Evangelism Team – Ken Kish had a powerful experience on the streets today during Impact Ndola 2013.  Read the account in his own words:

Impact Ndola 2013 Street Evangelism

“Today our evangelism team of about 12 high school students and four adults joined with four of the Northrise students to hit the streets of Ndola to share the gospel. Our first stop was a large street market with hundreds of people walking around shopping. We set up along the smaller street to play music and preach the gospel. I left the main group with two high schoolers, Cory and Jacob, along with our Northrise student, Menson.

It wasn’t long before we saw five men who were waiting in the back of a pickup truck for their next delivery request We interrupted their lunch to chat and quickly began sharing the gospel with them. They were very friendly, as every Zambian has been since we arrived. As we shared, one of the men had to leave to go work, but two other who were passing by joined the conversation.

After about 15 minutes of sharing, they seemed to be receiving the Word with gladness. Menson stepped in and asked if the men would like to repent and trust in Christ with a prayer to the Lord. They all accepted the invitation and asked the Lord to save them. What a wonderful way to start to the day. 

A little later we were walking along the other side of the street, sharing the gospel and a woman approached us for prayer. Soon after another woman and another man also asked us to pray with them. It was wonderful to see that The Lord would have us there in the midst of the morning just praying for these people in their affliction.

Soon after that I met Martin. Only about ten years old, this wonderful child was brought to me by a woman who told me that he needed to hear the gospel. I’ve never shared with anyone that young, but I did my best and asked him if he wanted to accept The Lord. Again, he did. I prayed with him and asked if he had a Bible. He said he didn’t so we found him one. As we walked to get it I asked if he would read it. He said, ‘I’ll read it every day.’

I pray he does.”  Ken Kish, Street Evangelism Team


Support for Mackenzie School – Founder and Deputy Teacher in charge Pola Lontiya meets with her old friend Dave Cheatham, Northrise Board of Trustee and NUI Board member. Pola had started the school 15 years ago that currently serves 250 students each day.

Day 05 CROP PNS20130710_3766

From his first trip to Ndola back in 2004, Dave has helped support Mackenzie school through Northrise University. While he was at the school on Wednesday, Pola shared some crucial needs of the school. With funds raised by his office, Dave was able to shop in downtown Ndola to procure the needed supplies.

Day 05 8 CROP Mackenzie Delivery20130709_3577



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