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Published: 9 July 2013

Day Four of Impact Ndola 2013. Except for the high school group from Kindred Community Church who were coming in from the Northrise dorm and the street evangelism team who were already out witnessing at a local girls’ school, the team gathered at 8:15 for singing and prayer and a challenging message from Pastor Mitch Dowell from Delaware, Head of Missions for the Delaware Southern Baptists, on “What Is the Least God Expects from Us?”

Mitch Dowell teaches during Impact Ndola 2013

At about nine each team found its designated vehicle and dispersed to begin ministering to the people of Ndola.

Women’s Conference. Over 50 women from Ndola gathered at the Savoy Hotel to hear teaching on “Having a Mary Spirit” by Debbie Stroup and Rosetta Dowell.

Impact Ndola 2013 Women's Conference

Pastors’ Conference. Nearly 100 men gathered at Ndola Baptist Church, from churches all around the region to hear the teaching by Phillip DeCourcy on the Call of being a pastor.

Impact Ndola 2013 Pastor's Conference

 Street Evangelism Team. Led by Matt Shakleford, this team put on a mini concert and shared the gospel on a busy street corner  in downtown Ndola.

Impact Ndola 2013 Street Evangelism

Farm Team. Led by Scott Shillings, the Farm Team walked the property to get a vision of what God has done and might do on the property. While we were there Board of Trustee and NUI Board Member Dave Cheatham decided to talk with the bull.

Impact Ndola 2013 Media team at the farm

Build Team. The Build Team was made up of four Northrise students and they took on the task of learning how to build with concrete blocks from a local contractor. They helped him and his crew build a new guard shack on the farm

Impact Ndola 2013 build team

Medical/Dental team. Led by Steve Scherer and Dr. Arthur Parkins, DDS and his wife, the team was able for the first time to use the dental equipment in the NUCare Clinic.

Impact Ndola 2013 at the NUCare clinic 

Vacation Bible School Team. Led by Delia Comon from North Phoenix Baptist Church, the Vacation Bible School got underway at the Mapalo, Mackenzie and Arising Life locations.

Impact Ndola 2013 VBS team

Media Team – videography. Led by Peter and Chandler Desforges and Evan Hill, the video team traveled around to gather video that will be used to create a short promotional video on the Impact Ndola 13 trip.

Media Team – photography and print.  This media team focused on gathering as many images as possible to tell the story of Impact Ndola 2013 Led by Dave Cheatham. Photos by Robert Jordan.

Impact Ndola 2013 Media Team

Note from the editor: Please check back to this and previous post as I try to post more pictures on each daily post. Internet can be at times slow and the connection is sometimes lost so posting of photos can take longer than I had hoped. 


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