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Published: 13 July 2013

Day Seven of Impact Ndola 2013. Several groups headed out to their ministry sites earlier than usual to get a quick start on the day. The media team went out to Northrise Farms early to see the women who come to buy bananas each day when they are in season.

Day 07 1 CROP Banana Women20130711_4660

Farm Team Plants Citrus Trees. Farm Team members Dan Gwaltney and Courtney Kaspar plant the citrus trees they had purchased on Monday. These trees will help Northrise Farms determine what trees may be best for a future orchard.

07 Planting Crop

Editor Note. We have been working on a more efficient way to post and store photos for this blog. It still may take several days to get more photos posted, but please check back in for updates. Thank you.



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