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Published: 5 March 2014

Our Dear Friends,

February 3rd, 2014, the semester began with 81 new students at Northrise! This brings the total student body to 661.  We are grateful to God for bringing in these new students.  Unfortunately, many who were accepted could not come due to finances and accommodation constraints.

We began with a one-week intensive of classes for all four levels to get acclimate the students to their upcoming year.

  1. First Year: Introduction to University.  This helps the students understand what attending a Christ-centered University is about.
  2. Second YearHIV/AIDS.  This helps the students be knowledgeable about the disease and learn how to care for those who already have it.
  3. Third Year: Community Development. The students learn how to engage and serve the community.
  4. Fourth Year: Career Development. This helps them think about how to start a new chapter after they graduate.

In addition to this preparation, our goal for this year is to start working with these students toward a Culture of Faith.  We started our semester with the Apostle’s Paul’s message from the book of Philippians chapter 3, which I shared with the Northrise family.  Paul writes to the Philippians  that our confidence should not be in the flesh. At the beginning of a New Year, I encouraged the students to have a heart of gratitude for all the benefits we have received from the Lord.  There must be a difference in our lives from the lives of those who are worldly in their desires. Our desires must be after the Lord Himself.

I ask you, our friends, to pray. Pray for our students that they will dedicate themselves to Jesus to grow in Him.  Pray that God will provide for the students who were accepted but did not show up because they couldn’t afford it.  Pray for our teachers that God will give them strength as they teach.  Finally, space is a great challenge this year- please pray for God to expand our campus very soon.


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Moffat Zimba
President, Vice-Chancellor
Northrise University






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