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Published: 29 November 2017

Chita is a first year Northrise student living in the dormitory. He is pursuing a Bachelor of Information Technology majoring in Web and Software Development. He has a passion for Software Development and plans to one day start a Software Development company.

Born in Serenje, Zambia, Chita lived there for 7 years with his family. A new job opportunity for Chita’s father meant the entire family was to move to Lusaka. “Life was easy when my father was alive” he stated as he narrated his story. “We had everything we wanted as a family until he passed away in 2008”. Upon his father’s passing, his family moved to Ndola. His father’s employer had owned their house in Lusaka.

Years later, friends encouraged Chita to pursue a degree at Northrise. One friend, a Northrise student majoring in Software Development, told him about the comprehensive major. Chita decided to see what Northrise had to offer. Amazed by the courses and scholarship opportunities, he applied and was accepted to Northrise University.

Dorm Life

When asked to identify the best part about living in the dorms, Chita stated it was Bible study on Tuesdays because it is a time of learning and growth. He also mentioned that living at the dorms allows him quick access to class and the school library. Praise Night is an on-campus event he is always eager to attend because students minister to one another using their many diverse talents.

Regarding the hardest part about living in the dorms, he said, “Living with a group of people from different backgrounds is challenging because they all have different beliefs from yours and that sometimes causes tension.”

Chita values the close relationships he has formed at Northrise with those who have become like family to him.

“The first day I came here, I had a group of people that welcomed me, they were real and friendly and we’ve been friends since.”


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