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Published: 11 December 2014

These days we hear the word Africa and one thing comes to mind: EBOLA.  If we haven’t paid close attention it would be easy to think that the entire continent of Africa is suffering from the Ebola epidemic.  However, this simply is not the case.  The countries where Ebola has been confirmed are Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and Nigeria – all located in Western Africa.  But what about Zambia?  Thankfully Ebola has not been found in Zambia.  Nevertheless, we realize how quickly situations like these can change, so we are preparing accordingly. Mary, NU Care’s full time nurse, has been educating Northrise students, as well as the surrounding community on Ebola’s symptoms and ways to prevent infection. 

On a higher level, the Zambian government has taken measures to ensure this disease does not enter the country.  Some of these measures include a ban on entry from affected areas, a 24 hour surveillance at busy points of entry with dedicated health workers, and all Zambians traveling from affected areas are thoroughly screened at airports and border posts.  In addition, quarantine is mandatory if Ebola is suspected.

It is our prayer that Ebola stops its deadly spread, affecting no other individual or country.  And we are thankful that Ebola has not been found in Zambia.  As with all we do, Northrise is committed to approaching the Ebola epidemic with preparedness and excellence.


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