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Published: 20 July 2018

Ethel Zulu-600

A Northrise education empowers students and graduates to create and participate in a broader economy as entrepreneurs, managers, and government leaders.

Northrise values and encourages student leadership.

Ethel, who is currently studying law at Northrise, describes her student leadership experience at Northrise saying, “The most influential experience I have had in the past semester was that I was acting Vice President for the Student Council. This meant that I had to take up two roles, being a student and also a student leader. It really helped me mature spiritually as well as mentally. I had to coordinate some student events which meant that I had to personally interact with my fellow students. This was scary at first because it meant I had to step out of my comfort zone and totally trust God. It was an amazing experience! I made new friends through these interactions and these friends have helped me. I have learned to totally submit everything to God, who has my best interest at heart. Throughout the semester he has done so many things that have left me in awe of him.”

This leadership role brought unique opportunities and challenges.

Ethel states, “The most difficult thing I have faced this semester would be trying to juggle my academics with the other commitments I have in school. Being privileged to serve as the Vice President of the Student Council, I had to organize and coordinate student events. I also had to call for and attend various meetings with the student body and the student life team. It wasn’t easy, but I sure did enjoy every part of it. It allowed me to realize that it’s the situations that seem difficult that help shape our character, depending on how we respond to them.”


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